January 26, 2013

*UPDATE* First Impression Review: Wet n Wild Fergie Nail Polish

Updated polish after three days!
UPDATE: So it's been three days, since I have put on this polish my nails still looks awesome! I have been washing dishes without gloves and I don't see any chips! Only at the cuticle area I see no polish but that's because my nails are growing. All in all, I would get more from this collection. It has great staying power and it looks great! 

I was really on the lookout for Fergie's lipstick collection when my husband pointed me out this box! I first saw the gunmetal color polish but I really am not a fan of dark polish on my hands. Toes are ok. So I went through the display and I saw they got a few different ones of the set! All of the sets are paired with a Top Coat and the choices at my Walgreen's were a neon pink, gunmetal colored fine glitter, chunky (big size glitters) cobalt blue glitter, chunky red glitter and the one I picked which is the gold fine glittered polish *called Gold Album (how appropriate for Fergie!)
I got this set since if you buy the polish itself, it's actually more ($3.99) and this with Top Coat included it's only $3.49! So try to get this one if it's available in your store since one can't have enough Top Coat polish anyways for the bargain!

After dinner that night I took off two of my colored nail polish and tried this awesome metallic gold glitter on ma nails. I didn't see anywhere indicated how a base coat isn't required so I just put on my Essie base coat first before putting this on.

I have never owned a Wet n'Wild nail polish so I am pretty surprised with how thick the brush is! Being a noob/ newbie to this I had to clean around my pinky nails since the brush kept going over it. No biggie really, I still love how opaque it goes on that I only did two coats with the second coat being just a light touch up. Then of course topped it of with the included top coat. Top coat also had the same thick brush and with polish went on smoothly and dried really nice! With my other top coats I would usually get bubbles even if I have not moved from my seat for a while with this one it feels smooth and looks nice and shiny over my nude and glittering gold nails!

I would have done all my nails if I were going to some fancy party or a fancy schmancy restaurant, but just for testing how long lasting these are, two nails will do just fine with me. I wouldn't mind walking around the city with my two sparkly gold metallic nails hehehe! Wish she came out with a nice Rose Gold one, unless you ladies know one - comment below if you got any suggestions!

WnW Ferguson Crest Cabernet
I will update you guys on how this is and also on her lipstick collection. I only got one right now called Ferguson Crest Cabernet which is an awesome deep plummy red and just did a swatch so look out for an upcoming review on that too. I'm still on the hunt for a few more lipsticks.

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