December 4, 2012

UPDATE: Coastal Contacts Dilemma

From my recent post Coastal Contacts Disappointment, I have written what I went through to get a pair of free glasses. It was a test of my patience and good thing I am ordering a pair not because I needed one but to have an emergency pair if ever my glasses break on me. I feel bad for those customers who had waited as long as I did and others who have waited longer and have no eyeglasses at all to see day to day as they wait for Coastal deliver the said free pair to their customers. I've always wanted a pair of cat eye frames, and what a great way to try this out by getting them for free!
It has been 7 weeks since my order from and when I have given up on waiting for my glasses to come - last week there it was by my patio door a little box left by my mailman, Mike. It didn't have the Coastal logo all over the box, so I wasn't really sure what it was until I saw the mailing label says "international mail" with an address from Canada.
I couldn't believe it. It's finally here! After  TWO FAILED deliveries across the border, my free glasses is finally here. Though it wasn't the Derek Cardigans that I have originally ordered, I'm actually satisfied with my Love L740 Black Passion pair. My eyes are still trying to adjust to the frames since I have never worn thick framed glasses before. I love how they look on me, and definitely gonna keep them. I can't wait to play what make-up looks would go great with the glasses and the outfits to pair it with. I am pretty excited as it is not just to help me see but it's fashionable enough that I am proud to wear it outside the house!


  1. thanks! yeah never again. lesson learned though i'll still keep searching for the next good deal out there =)

  2. We're SUPER sorry for the huge delay in getting you your glasses! :'(

    1. im hoping in the future the company improves their service and maybe i will order again, cuz id really love to have those Derek Cardigans!