August 2, 2012

I'm in loove with my sunblock!

The Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydrating with SPF30 Sunblock is my all time favorite sunblock!
My skin feels so moisturized! I guess you can say hydrated as that is what the packaging says, duh! And supposedly keep your skin hydrated for 12hours! I don't usually believe packaging ads like that but I gotta say they're pretty true to what they say. My skin feels "silky" moisturized all day! Even after being outside sweating a bit from playing with my dog, it does not have that greasy feel like all the other sunblock lotions I have used before.
The SPF30 seems to be just enough coverage for my Filipino dark skin. I really don't get sunburn, I just get really really dark like a burnt toast so I usually like to put at least an spf50 lotion but since Walgreen's didn't have it in stock then I just bought the spf30 one. It actually covers well! My dog, Major and I will be out for 30mins to an hour outside - every morning, mid-afternoon and late afternoon, and I see no tan lines on me or darker spots on me at all from the scorching hot July sun. I've had enough sun exposure and tanning in the beginning of summer and really have no plans to be darker. I really just want to keep that tan color on me and Hawaiian Tropic is doing it's job keeping me "just right" and not burnt-tan.
The scent, OMG! It just takes me back to Hawaii since it has that tropical: coconut smell that is not overpowering at all.

It's not too late to purchase the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydrating Sunblock since we still have one more month of Summer2012 peeps. Add this to your must-try shopping list cuz this ones a keeper ;)

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