August 13, 2012

July Birchbox: Suki Nurishing Kit Review by Sis

My sister is in her third trimester of pregnancy and has the best pregnancy skin I have ever seen. Even before her pregnancy, she has always been conscious of what she eats and puts in her body. Now there's a little one coming she is more conscious on what's in the products these days. 
And so with her own words and few questions for guidance, my sister has written her own intense personal review on the Suki Nourishing Kit that I gave her from the July Birchbox I received. Here is what she had to say:

--had read about this brand in one of the fashion magazines within the last year or so
--wanted to try it but the slightly expensive price kept me from seeking it out, since I also was not sure how effective it would be

The Creamy Foaming Cleanser is made with acai oil and apple juice to hydrate skin as it washes away impurities. 
--it was like creamy milk with a hint of botanical scent 
--slathered it on my face and neck and massaged for a good 3-minutes or so
--after rinsing , it left a very light waxy feeling; it was not able to take off the light mineral powder make-up I had on so I followed it with a cotton ball soaked in toner; the toner removed all the left-over make-up

Rich in green tea and other botanicals, the Concentrated Nourishing Toner balances out skin’s pH levels. 
--fresh light scent; this was very refreshing and didn't leave my skin dry

The daytime Intensive Nourishing Cream and nighttime Pure Facial Moisture keep skin hydrated 24/7 while fighting the signs of aging. 
Intensive Nourishing Cream 
--very creamy to the touch and  went on my skin with an almost opaque rye tint; hint of botanical scent but not off-putting
--massaged it onto my face until it vanished; surprisingly, it didn't feel heavy on
--used it in the evening as I wanted my skin to absorb as much nutrients 
--woke up with soft skin but I looked kind of ashy; I didn't break out which usually happens with any creamy moisturizer 
Pure Facial Moisture
--used after toner as instructed; slightly botanical scent 
--it is an oily serum with a slight yellow tint and a few drops went a long way; it was easily absorbed by my skin and did not feel heavy at all
--woke up with soft skin and a hint of a glow which stayed even after I washed my face; my skin looked so good that I went out of the house with no make-up that day!

Finally, the Intensive Nourishing Masque evens out your skin tone with a unique time-released form of potent vitamin C.
--thick masque with a slight botanical smell, but not overpowering
--left it on for 15mins as instructed and splashed warm water to rinse off; it left a waxy film on my face so I used a damp tissue to wipe the film off
--left my skin slightly moisturized and woke up with the same soft skin but looked a bit ashy

--I would definitely recommend this product especially for expecting women given the pure ingredients; our skin at this time is so prone to breaking out and the rich moisturizers in this regimen kept breakouts away, at least for me
--However,  it would be good if each item could be purchased separately as only some of the products worked very well with me

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