May 31, 2018

Digital Spring Cleaning

 Everybody, who has a social media account has that edited "Online Lifestyle". What we see on our social media feeds is what we want others to see. And it's hard not to feel envious of others "online lifestyle". It's so hard not to feel like sh!t after seeing others vacation posts in Amsterdam or in the Maldives; after seeing such cute outfits and new luxury handbags from our favorite influencers; after seeing what others got for their birthday or what they did. Because when something exciting and awesome happens to us, we share this immediately. 

We've all been sucked into this "swiping black hole", spending a few minutes to hours of browsing through all Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and any other social media apps you have, and end up feeling jealous, feeling angry, uninspired and sad because you wish you're them, then it's time to do some Digital Detoxing my friend, and clean up that feed!

Studies have suggested to do a Digital Detox to decrease the stress in your life. 
Digital detox refers to a period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic connecting devices such as smartphones and computers. It is regarded as an opportunity to reduce stress, focus more on social interaction and connection with nature in the physical world.  - Wikipedia
I try to do this every weekend, and a few hours everyday but once I get back to it, that feeling of jealousy and anger comes back. I realized, a social media detox isn't enough. It's time to clean out my feed and unfollow accounts that are just not making me happy and not inspiring me anymore.

I'm guessing you're still here because you are ready to freshen up that feed, right?
Here are a few tips on how I did this.

1- Unfollow/ Unsubscribe 

If the influencers and YouTubers you follow aren't inspiring you anymore, then it's time to unfollow them. I had enough seeing all these huge Beauty YouTubers going to these luxury trips with different beauty brands. I've had enough seeing every other influencer's vacation pictures in Europe or Asia or eating and drinking at all these glamorous restaurants. That's not why I followed them in the first place, so I unfollowed them.

 UNFOLLOW when their lifestyle habits aren't applicable to you anymore. A lot of influencers and YouTubers change in time either for the better or not, and when they make you feel like you're life is sh!t, unfollow.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about supporting the influencer community but when their accounts are slowly turning more into "Look What I Have; Look What I'm Doing; Look Where I'm At; Look at My New House; Look At My Collection" aka bragging/ showing off and becoming less informative and inspiring, girl bye!

As a beauty and fashion blogger, I have a well edited social media. I don't share a lot about my personal life because I just want to keep my social media, beauty and fashion focused. I like to share the information of the products I'm using or sent to me for a review. And I look for the same thing with the accounts I follow. I follow other makeup bloggers and other fashion bloggers to get some ideas on how to style my own clothes or use the new palette I got. I also follow some lifestyle bloggers because they share really great information on their blog and social media.

 It's really more of what you want to see on your feed, and if you see more of what you want then I think you will feel more inspired to work harder.

2- Find Your Inspiration

It's time to browse and find new accounts. There are tons of new members signing-up everyday. Or see who else does your favorite blogger/ photographer/ filmmaker/ artist following on Instagram.

I started following accounts on my Instagram that shares beautiful pictures of Chanel handbags because I do want to own another Chanel handbag, and these accounts are like my digital reminder, "Remember your Chanel goal Jackie?" . It reminds me to work harder so I can get one in the future!

If you're about to go on vacation like Italy, maybe find travel accounts that shares tons of different places and restaurants in Italy, to give you ideas for your travel. I also started watching YouTube videos on the country we'd be going which is very helpful.

Seeing animals, especially german shepherd and shiba inu puppies on my feed makes me so happy and so I follow a few different ones.

3- Clean Up Your Inbox

If your inbox was like mine, full of subscriptions to different online stores. Narrow this down to your favorite ones so you don't get tempted to browse when you can't afford to spend right now. It was very frustrating to see SALES on SALES on SALES popping on my Inbox when I don't have the budget to go shopping at the moment. If browsing online is more frustrating than relaxing, then time to clean that inbox!

Fill up your feed with what makes you happy.
I believe social media can be a positive thing for someone's mental health.
It's just figuring out who to follow and what you want to see. 

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