September 21, 2017

Desi x Katy Dose of Colors Haul

This collection is a collaboration with two of the biggest YouTube beauty gurus, Desi Perkins and Lustrelux (aka Katy). I have been watching these two beautiful ladies since Lily (from Beauty With Lily) told me about Desi Perkins channel. I love how they are BFFs in real life, and they actually met through YouTube! My makeup techniques have improved because of these two ladies. I love how much they adore their fur babies, and how supportive their husbands are with what they do. They don't seem to fake or hide anything on their channel and their social medias. You could say that they're my favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus and to support these ladies, I purchased a few items from the
Desi x Katy Dose of Colors collection

On September 24, 2017 at 6pm PST/ 9pm EST, the limited edition Desi x Katy Dose of Colors collection will be available again on
I thought I should get my review out of what I bought from the collection when it first launched back in August, and hopefully help you with your decision making. I only bought three items out of the eight products they launched.

Let's start off with the only eyeshadow palette in the collection which they called, The Girls | $28.00. The shadows were named after their four cute fur babies and as a fellow fur-parent this love-naming their dream eyeshadow shades after their fur babies have sold me to this palette. 

There are two wet shadows, Suz (bright champagne shade) & Harpoon (cool tone green base with green and gold reflects). These two shadows are formulated to be used wet. 
"One drop of water on your finger is all you need."

The other two shadows are Noli ( perfect bronze shade) & Turbosan (very sparkly deep purple shade with shimmering reflects). These are all best applied with your finger. 

All the shadows have some fall out so I suggest to start with your eye makeup before applying your face makeup when using this palette. Suz had the most fall out. This was the hardest shadow to use because it was messy and it doesn't apply evenly. It's like clumpy when applied. Do you see the big clumps in the photo below? I always get that even with a wet brush. 
My fave is Noli for an easy smokey bronzy eye look, which I have been rocking since I got this. It's a very sparkly, metallic palette which is a great addition to any neutral palette and eye look you have. If you're not into sparkly, metallic eye looks then this palette isn't for you.

There are two highlighters in the collection and I purchased the rose gold shade, Mírame | $28.00.
After seeing swatches and demo from Desi and Katy's YouTube video of this highlighter, I thought for my medium-tanned skin this would look better on me than Fuegowhich is a light champagne gold shade highlighter. I am in-love with this highlighter! It doesn't look shimmery or glittery on the skin, it really has that look of "wet skin" which I've been wanting on my highlighters and this delivered!

Did you see my latest selfie on Instagram - HERE? That glow is from this highlight my friends.
'Nuff said!

There are two lipstick shades in this collection and I went for the deeper nude brown/ peach undertone which is, More Creamer Please | $16.00. This has a creamy/ matte formula so it's very comfortable to wear.
This was Desi's dream nude color, and it looked great on her, and all the other girls wearing it on Instagram! I usually go for darker nudes because of my dark pigmented lips but... I just had to try it. And I was right it's too peachy for my skin tone. I have been using this with NYX lip liner in Natural, because my dark pigmented lips still show through over this lipstick. I do like it's creamy formula and how it doesn't dry my lips out.

As you can see in the swatch of the lipstick below, it shows the peach undertone a lot.
It's a nice lipstick for Spring and Summer. I prefer deeper nudes for the Fall and Winter so this may have to wait 'til Spring next year. 

Overall the Mírame highlighter was the best purchase out of this bunch. I do like The Girls palette as well because these shades are a great addition to my palette collection. I can't wait to wear Harpoon for date night. I'll definitely be wearing Noli a lot. The sparkly rose gold packaging on the palettes and highlighters are just so beautiful. The magnetic closures and mirrors in them are awesome. There's definitely a high quality feel and look to these products from the packaging to the formula.
If you don't wear any peachy toned lip shades at all, skip More Creamer Please. 
I am debating if I want to get the liquid lipsticks from this collection. Dose of Colors liquid lipstick  formula is one of my fave of all the liquid lipsticks out there, because of it's creamy, long-lasting, non-drying formula. I may get other shades if not the ones from this collection.

Are you planning to get anything from this collection?
What other Dose of Colors products should I get? 
I got a 20% off discount after signing up for their email newsletter, and that expires after 30 days. So sign-up for their newsletter and get 20% off as well, if you're planning to do some Dose of Colors shopping!

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