September 18, 2017

Look As Good As You Feel, Feel As Good As You Look with eShakti

Women comes in different sizes, and I don't mean by Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes nor size 0 to 14. I may be a size small at one store and a medium at another store. One clothing store may categorize me as a size 8 but when I tried a dress from another brand, I'm a size 4, but these clothes still don't fit me right in all the right places. I hate that these size charts just puts us in these categories. We come in different shapes, heights and sizes! We have curves in different places. We have different boob sizes, torso, leg and arm lengths.

This is when eShakti got my attention because they have changed my online clothes shopping to a more personal level.

With eShakti | you can customize any dress, tops, bottoms from their website to your size! You give them your shoulder, waist, arms, hips, chest  measurements to make any clothes to fit you perfectly! You can even customize the length of the sleeves, dresses, pants and skirts to your liking. Change the neckline to a collared one or a boat-neck or V-neck. You have the option to add pockets too! 

They do still give you the option to buy it from a size chart if you still want but there's no additional fee to give them your measurements, so why wouldn't you go for the latter option? 

Or just buy it as is and customize it to your exact measurements just like what I did with this Fish Print Cotton Ruffle Faux Wrap Dress | $55.95. I just love how it is so I didn't changed the length of the dress nor the sleeves nor the neck line. I love how it looks so I just customized it to my measurements.

My problem with dresses are how they don't fit me right in the waist and hip area. Some dresses will be too tight on the hips or too wide on the waist, and because eShakti have my exact measurements this dress fits me like a glove!

Have I mentioned how I love the fish print and the ruffles on this dress?!?
I'm in-love with this dress! To transition this to Fall, I will be wearing this with a pair of booties and my faux leather jacket. If it gets any colder, adding tights to this and a heavier coat is an easy way to make this work for the cooler months of Fall.

sunglasses | 

The order comes within two-three weeks after purchasing it so this is great when the dress you wore at last year's HS reunion does not fit you now, and you need a dress for an upcoming wedding event, check out eShakti. Need to update your work wardrobe? Looking for that power suit outfit for an upcoming job interview? Or just for everyday casual wear? They have a huge range of dresses, pants, tops, jackets and skirts you can choose from, and the price is pretty affordable.

For me, it makes it more special when a piece of clothing is customized to my size already. I really like it that it came to my exact measurements, no need to bring it to a seamstress to get it altered.

Have you bought anything from eShakti before?


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