October 4, 2017

M•A•C Girls: Rockin' Rebel & Power Hungry

You probably have seen the M•A•C Girls Palette collection all over social media as these launched around August 2017. I am way late for this review but I still want to share with you my thoughts on two of the six palettes from
M•A•C Girls Personality Palettes:
Power Hungry & Rockin' Rebel

M•A•C Girls Palette Collection
comes in six different palettes 
Power Hungry | Rockin' Rebel | Prissy Princess  
Basic Bitch | Fashion Fanatic | Mischief Minx

These Personality Palettes come in "better-than-ever formulas curated to express your personality" with eight eye shadows, which is a mix of satins, foils and creamy matte finishes, and one highlighter. These pressed powder shadows features a creamy texture with superior color payoff. The highlighter has a lightweight formula that glides on skin with just the right amount of peal and pop.  These are said worth $160 on the M•A•C cosmetics websites.

Dematologist tested. Opthalmologist tested and non-acnegenic.

These comes in a travel-friendly packaging with a magnetic closure and a mirror on one side. The names of each shadows are printed on the hard plastic cover on top of the palette, which is a con for me because I'll easily lose this plastic one day. I'll probably use the swatch photo below as my reference if needed. 

Rockin' Rebel
is a palette of blue and green cool toned eye shadows in a camouflage print packaging.

Mega-Moody | cool silver frost (foil shadow)
Gilty As Can Be | bronzed gold (foil)
Bleached Out | frost white (foil)
Denim Genes | cerulan blue (satin shine)
Bikers & Babes | teal blue with silver foil
Rockin' Rebel | jade green (satin shine)
Bad Influence | dark grey (creamy matte)
BLK-ISH | navy blue (smooth pearl)
Let It Rock | light gold highlighter (opalescent)

Power Hungry
Eight shadows and one highlighter in this warm neutral tones. It comes in this gold bar design packaging.

Gimme that! | light yellow gold highlighter
Dangerously Elegant | dark brown with green/gold pearl (satin shine)
Something's Fishy | muted golden beige (foil)
Winsome Lose Some | dark brown with silver pearl (foil)
Hot to Trot | grey beige with silver pearl (satin shine)
Money Mad | peachy neutral beige (smooth pearl)
Bling Mistress | mid-tone neutral beige (creamy matte)
Bossing It | warm bronze (satin shine)
Totally Obsessed | light neutral (creamy matte)

My Thoughts
I have been using the Power Hungry palette a lot for my everyday neutral eye looks. The shadows goes on really smoothly on the eyes (*on top of my eyeshadow primer), and blends really well. For more color payoff on the eye shadows with foil finish, I suggest to use your finger OR a flat eyeshadow brush sprayed with M•A•C's Prep+Prime.

I've only used a few of the shadows from the Rockin' Rebel palette for a pop of color on the eyes. I would have added a matte black shadow in this palette since the darkest shadow here is a dark grey shade called Bad Influence. 

Both highlighters are pretty subtle which is great for a daytime makeup look, and if you prefer to keep it subtle with your highlighter.

I'll be throwing away the plastic cover with the shadow names since it just gets in the way when I use the palette and just use this post as reference for the future. I haven't really used the mirror from the palette since I have been doing my makeup at home in front of my Simple Human Sensor Makeup Mirror.

I'd say this is worth the price tag of $39.50 since M•A•C products tend to be on the pricey side and for that price you do get a lot - a good size highlighter pan and six eye shadows, it's definitely worth getting it.


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