July 5, 2017

What's Your Style Game?

 I like easy-to-wear, easy-to-style pieces.
I like to pick pieces that I can wear all year long to not waste any closet space.
I like lose fitting clothes that I can easily layer with in the colder months. Plus it hides my tummy especially after having a huge brunch or dinner. With every top or dress that I buy, I make sure it is flattering in my stomach area. My stomach is what I'm insecure the most.
I can deal with showing my no makeup face, my cellulites and scratched up legs (from my fur babies), and my mild eczema spots on my arms and legs but not my stomach.

I do love showing off my collar bone/ shoulder area and any tops that will show off my tattoos.
That tattoo of Keiko by the way gets more compliments than my shoes or lipstick!

I'm really not a fan of the off-the-shoulder trend but this Set Free White Multi Linen Striped Top | $44.00 $22.00  is a piece I can easily grab on days I don't know what to wear. Like how I would just grab a t-shirt to pair with the Express High Waisted Cuffed Denim Shorts | $54.90 $32.94 or with a pair of white denim pants.

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sunglasses  RayBan | $150.00

This mini dress has a high neck line and what I call a "sexy back".
It's a lightweight dress made of Polyester/Rayon, perfect for those super hot days.
This would be great as a bikini cover-up as well since the material of this dress feels like it will quickly air dry.

For that Sunday morning run to Home Depot, I just paired this dress with an Aerie Chill Sunflower Lace Sports Bra | $34.95 $20.97 and a pair of Puma Women's Vikky Canvas Casual Sneakers | $54.99 $44.98.
Replace your sneakers with a pair of high heels for the night, and your good to go!

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During the colder months, I can easily style this with a pair of leggings and long sleeves, and a leather jacket. I'll try to share my Fall outfit style on my Instagram (@fivetwobeauty_) so I hope you're following me there too.

I've also included these dress on my recent Fashion + Beauty Shopping Haul Video here:

So what's your style game? What do you look for when you're clothing shopping?



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