June 27, 2017

Cyantific Skin Care

Every skincare review I do here on my blog, I always mention that my results may not be the same as yours if you use the same products. Unless you are taking the same acne medication (Spironolactone tablets and Tazorac cream) as I am, then maybe you may get the same results.

For this review, I have asked my Sister to try it out with me to see if it works differently with her skin.
And after weeks of using it, here's what we think of the
Cyantific Complete Anti-Aging Kit
image taken from cyantificskincare.com

Our passion for skin health starts with a natural and sustainable source of blue-green algae found in the Pacific Northwest. These algae are popular as a powerful, antioxidant-rich superfood, but Cyantific has been able to refine the extraordinary compounds these algae use to protect themselves from UV damage and create skin care formulas that keep your skin looking and feeling remarkable.
All-natural PhycoBoost™, contains the most powerful UVA-absorbing compounds known to exist in nature. These compounds are found in a pure and healthy form of blue-green algae sustainably harvested from the pristine lakes of the pacific northwest. This algae has been refined so to protect themselves from cell damage and free radicals. 

about the product

Complete Anti-Aging Package
$99.00 | www.cyantificskincare.com
*Products can also be purchased individually. See prices below for each product.

After washing and applying toner on my face in the AM and PM,
I apply the Nourishing Daily Serum | $49.00, which claims to instantly tones and tightens the skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This has a very strong floral scent to it, which I'm not a fan of. I prefer odorless skincare products, and this serum do list fragrance in it's ingredient list.

I apply my moisturizer after the serum and afterwards, I use the Protecting Daily Lotion | $39.99 with SPF 30 in the AM. This protects the skin against aging UVA and damaging UVB rays with PhycoBoost. This also has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidizing and moisturizing ingredients, niacinamide and murumuru seed butter to leave skin looking clearer and more radiant. I like that this didn't leave a white cast on me like how other sunscreens are, so I was able to use it under my makeup.

At night I end my skincare routine with the Hydrating Night Cream | $34.95 This also contains PhycoBoost, it also has moisture retaining carbohydrates, powerful antioxidants and the ability to protect DNA from damage. I love using night creams in the PM besides my regular moisturizer, as it gives my skin that extra boost of hydration while sleeping. This cream is infused with crambe abyssinica oil (*is an oilseed crop, native to the Mediterranean area) to reduce dehydration while sleeping and waking up to a more radiant complexion. This as well has fragrance listed in it's ingredients BUT I love the scent of it! It's a subtle floral scent but I feel like it helped to calm me down as I get ready for bed. 

 My Thoughts
Overall, I really wanted to love these products but they did not work for me.
It usually takes 4-6 weeks for any new skincare products to adjust to your skin. Even though they claimed instant results with their products I kept using it since maybe my skin is still adjusting to it. I had to stop at week 3 with this kit as I wasn't really seeing any improvement. My skin became really dry, that you would see some areas peeling. My cheek area was red and itchy all the time. These were not working well with my acne medications. 

BUT my sister got different results with this kit... She loves how these products makes her skin glow and keeps her skin stay hydrated. She loves the scent of all the products, and after seeing her a week later, I do see a difference on her skin. Her skin is looking radiant and "flawless". 

Unlike me, my sister took Acutane back in her 20's and has been acne free (except for stress and hormonal acne). Her skin isn't as picky as mine with skincare products and it definitely shows you that what NOT works for me may actually work for you. It's really all about trial and error.

*Products and some information used on this post were provided to FiveTwo Beauty for Press Release. All opinions stated on this post are 100% mine. Please see the Disclosure Policy tab for full information.

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