July 10, 2017

Head-To-Toe Black For The Summer

Though my house is full of cat and dog hairs, and how this easily shows in all my dark clothes, this doesn't stop me from wearing my black clothes. I do try to find fabrics that won't attract pet hair just like the pieces here from www.TOBI.com.
Black is my go-to color when I'm feeling insecure of myself or bloated or really moody. I do feel more confident when I'm wearing black. And when I want to wear a red lipstick, I always go for a black ensemble head-to-toe.

I have been obsessed lately with high-waisted bottoms and pairing it with a crop top.
High waisted bottoms seems to hide my "food baby" belly better than a low waisted or hip hugging bottoms. I didn't think I would be wearing a crop top at my age (just turned 35 this May), but as long as I pair it with high waisted bottoms, the outfit looks more chic than trying to look like 25.

This Catalina Wrap Over Black Crepe Pants | $78.00 $15.00 from www.TOBI.com is super comfy and lightweight which is perfect for the Summer heat. I love that it looks like a skirt because of the overlapped front panel but it's really a flowy high-waisted pants!

Though pet hair still do cling to this Rayon with Cotton lining material, it easily comes off anyways. The only con for me is it's a dry clean only item. 

I can't seem to find the exact pieces of the other items on my outfit but I've linked here some alternatives that would also go well with these pants.

After re-organizing my closet for Spring/Summer season I just realized that my closet actually doesn't have a ton of LBD (little black dresses) that I can wear for a casual day. This Cassidy Black Shift Dress | $66.00 $33.00 also from www.TOBI.com is one of my favorite pieces.
It has that nice casual vibe to it with it's t-shirt style cut but also gives a bit of sexy with it's mini cut and mesh overlay.

I easily styled this dress with my favorite comfy PUMA Vikky Mid Women's Sneakers | $65.00 $59.99. The Polyester, Spandex and Rayon material makes this dress super lightweight, great for the Summer heat. Pet hair doesn't cling to it as much either!

This mini dress can also be worn as a top which I styled here with a pair of high waisted white denims. I'd definitely wear this with a pair of leggings in the cooler months and a light jacket because this LBD is that easy to style!

Besides trying to find clothes that pet hairs don't easily cling to, I also try to get dress at the very last minute before I leave the house, so I'm not lounging around in my black clothes at home with my pets. I do try to keep my style age appropriate but I break that rule once in a while especially when the outfit is super comfy and cute.

There's really no rules in fashion. Wear what you want. Wear what makes you feel more confident about yourself. It doesn't matter what others think as long as your comfortable because your confidence will show in how you carry yourself.


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