June 19, 2017

Why Invest on a Leather Bag?

I don't define myself as being against items made from animal by-products as I do have leather shoes, leather bags and a car with leather seats; even my german shepherd's leash is made from leather. I do own handbags made from good quality real leather and faux leather. I don't discriminate, but when it comes to pieces I want to last me for a long time, I do prefer to look into high quality leather goods.

Why Leather?

We have been using leather all the way back to our Paleolithic times. It has protected us from the weather, especially in the winter months. And as human civilization gets more sophisticated so has been our ways of manipulating leather to make it to what we all use now - handbags, wallets, shoes, gloves, jackets and so on. 
Why leather for bags?
Leather has always been known for its quality and durability. The strength and resilience of leather makes it practical to use for the everyday work hustle or for the frequent traveller.
 "Leather bags grant protection of your items and are sure to last a long time – real leather is a tough and durable material, with plenty of character, which improves over time and can last decades." 
It's such a timeless material hence it'll never go out of style! 
The most famous handbag brands in fashion such as Chanel, Gucci, Hérmes, have iconic and timeless handbags made from leather.Good quality leather doesn't have to be super expensive as well. There are a few factors that makes a leather-made product expensive and some more affordable. Prices may vary depending on the type of leather used and how the product has been produced.

Leather is a porous material as it is animal skin, hence the surface soaks up moisture, so...
How do you care for leather bags?
"Have you seen leather that has been ignored and mistreated? What remains is dried, prematurely aged, and cracked leather. Without proper care and conditioning your leather will age rapidly, losing its luster and flexibility." 
Besides keeping it in a dust bag when not in use, I do clean my handbags when they start looking dull and dry with my husbands car leather cleaner and conditioner!
My husband is into car detailing and he has purchased a leather cleaner and conditioner to properly care for the leather seats. I use a damp microfiber cloth with leather cleaner to clean the bag before I apply the leather conditioner. Yes the same leather cleaner and conditioner hubby uses on the car seats. I would use this too on my leather jacket and wallets.

"...leather is one of the best materials used for bags and luggage because while it is beautiful and stylish, it is also functional and guaranteed to last you a very long time."

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