August 10, 2016

ZOEVA Warm Spectrum Palette

I have mentioned on my last eyeshadow palette review (HERE!) that I have been using another palette this Summer, and that's the
ZOEVA Warm Spectrum Palette
which was also part of my London Shopping Haul (you can check that haul HERE!).
I actually wanted to buy the set of rose gold makeup brushes but I have spent so much money already so I went to pick up this palette instead. It was hard picking which palette to get since they were all beautiful and had great color range. I still have those brushes on my list and will just buy them next time.

About the brand
ZOEVA is a German brand, founded in 2008 by Zoe Boikou. The brand name ZOEVA is composed of ZOE, the Greek word for „life“ and EVA, the very first woman...Our products are designed to make a real difference in the way women experience their beauty rituals.
Our ultimate goal is to offer luxurious, high quality products. Helping every woman to discover her individual beauty is our highest ambition. ZOEVA means celebrating yourself and being aware of your individual beauty.

About the product

Warm Spectrum Palette

Features 15 shades with ultra micronized eyeshadow formula with a mix of mattes, metallics and satins. Very pigmented, easy to blend warm toned shades. Free from parabens, phthalates and fragrances.

Each eyeshadow is labeled with "WR" (for warm?) then a number from 010-150.

WR010 - WR020 - WR030

WR040 - WR050 - WR060 - WR070 - WR080 - WR090

WR100 - WR110 - WR120 - WR130 - WR140 - WR150

My Thoughts

The packaging has this rubber matte texture to it like NARS packaging which can get annoying when you like to keep your palettes clean. Unfortunately, this didn't come with a mirror but because it's very thin and lightweight, this is so easy to travel with! I do wish the shadows weren't labeled like this. Names would've been easier to remember than the subtle printed numbers.

Not all the shadows are that great, as you can see from the swatches. Because of it's very ultra micronized eyeshadow formula, I do get some fall outs with the matte shades - so tap that brush before applying it on your lids. The lightest shades on this palette may all look alike but WR110 has a satin finish while the rest are matte and are perfect for base or brow highlight. But yes, this palette didn't need four different shades of white.

I love the brown shades, WR060 & WR120 as my crease shade. 
The purples and the peachy, rosy toned shades are just beautiful on the eyes and is very different from my usual gold-toned bronzy shadows. 

Overall, I don't regret buying this palette. It's easy to blend and it's highly pigmented. I do wish they start selling here in the U.S since I want to try their makeup brushes as well, which tons of the UK bloggers use and love. 

Have you ever heard or tried any products from ZOEVA?
Let me know in the comments below!
My Beauty Wish List is welcome to all your suggestions.

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