October 20, 2014

POFA Nail Polish Summer2014 Collection

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Though we are already in the Fall Season, is there a rule written in stone that says we cannot wear bright colors when all the leaves have fallen and the air feels cooler? Exactly! Let's not get stuck on fashion rules made by the biggest Fashionistas out there. I am sure they broke some rules of their own to be where they are. Before I get further away from the topic here, let's look at these gorgeous 
POFA Nail Color Summer 2014 Collection!

About the company:
POFA Nail Color just launched in June 5, 2014, founded by Mark Torres.
The idea of starting his own nail polish line happened during the time he was doing a horrible job at his manicure class in beauty school. As he keeps practicing his manicure skills with the encouragement of his friend, he decided of starting in creating his own nail polish brand instead. Though he did dropped out of beauty school, he did focus his energy on creating his nail polish brand, sneaking in to different chemistry classes, to understand the science behind creating nail polishes, and searching for the right chemist to help him create his POFA Nail Care brand!

He is also producing his own YouTube channel, Behind The Nails, which he just launched in September. The channel focuses on the nail culture and the different nail artists behind the great nail arts we are seeing everywhere! 

And coming 2016 do watch out for new products from POFA Nail Care! Two words for you: glitter and glow-in-the-dark! Who's excited?!?!

About the product:
Each polish retails for $8.00 at POFAnailcolor.com/shop/
POFA nail polishes are made in the USA; has a professional formula to its polish that is long lasting, chip resistant and quick drying.  Each colors have it's own story that is named after a girl Mark has met. Some of the stories behind these ladies are a bit personal so I will keep it vague, so just to give you an idea these names we're not just pulled from nothing. 
I do love how each one has a personal meaning to Mark and I would like to respect his request to keep this private so let's just focus on the gorgeous shades of his 2014 Summer Collection! The collections was inspired from Mark spending a lot of time at the beach so a few of the colors here were inspired from looking at the inside of sea shells!

Sathina no.19
Sathina is one of the girls Mark met during the time he was at beauty school.
This is a beautiful bright lime green shade. I did three coats on this nail swatch because I started with a very thin coat but you can definitely get away with two coats.

Naftaly no.23
They also met from beauty school.
My lighting was not catching the beautiful bright orange color of the polish. This is a true orange like that perfect pumpkin! 

Melanie no.22
Melanie is one of Mark's good friend and the first model to believe in him.  
This is a bright, hot pink shade. This is the perfect shade I would wear on a beach vacation! I just love how the hot pink color looks more vibrant especially on tanned skin.

Jessica no.24
Jessica is one of Mark's very good friend. She's the one that encouraged him to not give up and the reason why he has started his nail care brand. Being this her favorite color after the LA Lakers, he has named this after her. This is a vibrant purple shade.

Gemma no.21
Gemma is a model friend of his.
This is the classic red that every woman needs in their nail polish collection. Red polish is just timeless and flatters any skin tone. Be fierce and wear this with your favorite red lipstick!

Briana no.20
Briana is another friend from beauty school.
This one is a nude pink shade.
"I had to make a natural pink because it reminds me of the innocence in the world when a women is finding herself and is about to become a women"

Though this is called a Summer Collection, I do see myself wearing most of these shades during  Fall. Adding some bright colors to my black and gray outfits for the Fall, will definitely help to make my look pop! 
Once I do have time to sit down, I have some nail art ideas with these nail polishes, so keep an eye on my Instagram, @fivetwobeauty_, for future nail art pics. All nail swatches by the way have no top coat nor base coat. Most of the polishes were only two coats, except for Briana (natural pink) and Sathina (lime green) for a more opaque nail swatch I went with three coats.

So which one is your favorite?!? I am definitely having a hard time which one to wear next after Briana. 

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