October 2, 2014

Introducing Dr. Brandt Laser Series + Review

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Last month, Dr. Brandt had an exclusive meet and greet with a few beauty editors and beauty bloggers at Birchbox Soho in NYC to introduce his new line of skincare,
Laser Series 

"a laser focused line of custom skincare solutions inspired by Dr. Brandt's patients, invented in his lab, and backed by clinically proven results."

Dr. Brandt have bottled his most popular in-office cosmetic procedure, Fraxel Laser, in three different serums that target different aging skin problems! According to Dermnetnz.org, Fraxel Laser is "a non-invasive treatment that uses a device to deliver a laser beam divided into thousands of microscopic treatment zones that target a fraction of the skin at a time. This is analogous to a photographic image being enhanced or altered pixel by pixel."

All serums are available to purchase at Birchbox.com and to directly go to the product links just click on the product name above! As not everybody can afford such treatments, Dr. Brandt has put them in a bottle and give the same results as what you would get from his office! Each serum targets a specific skincare problem that you would want to tackle such as wrinkles, sun damage, dark spots and tighten skin. This Laser Series also features a breakthrough smart dual encapsulation system that will deliver results right away!

"An outer Shuttle Layer Peptide targets the skin, while an inner Protection layer keeps active ingredients intact as the serum infiltrates skin allowing active ingredients to be released directly when it is needed."

TOP: with Stephan Colleu, President & CEO
BOTTOM: with Dr. Fredric Brandt
During the event, Dr. Brandt himself and Stephan Colleu, President and CEO spoke a little bit about the company and their new Laser Series skincare products which they are happy to launch and sell at Birchbox SoHo and Birchbox.com! Their philosophy in starting the Laser Series line is to give the opportunity to experience a treatment without going to the doctor's office! 
Dr. Brandt also spoke about on how to achieve great skin, we need to be consistent with our skin care regimen! He also mentioned that serums comes first after washing your face which will quickly get absorbed by our skin. To layer skin care products, the lightest formula (serums) are applied first and the thickest cream (moisturizers) are last to get the most benefits of our skin care products.
For more information about this product, visit their site: DrBrandtSkincare.com and to hear more from Dr. Brandt himself! You can listen to him on SiriusXM.com channel! You can also find him in his social media accounts!

REVIEW on Laser FX Bright Serum:

During the event we were asked which of the three skin problems are we most concerned of and at the end of the night they gave us the serum that will specifically tackle our most concerned skin problem! For me, they (Dr.Brandt and his team) have recommended the Laser FX Bright Serum to treat my dark spots, hormonal acne breakouts and dull skin (dry areas).
"Brighten skin while fading dark spots and evening tone with Encapsulated Vitamin C, Epidermosil, and Knotgrass Extract- a proven infrared and thermal aging fighter."

"With double the efficacy of traditional encapsulation, this first-to-market technology offers precise skin targeting, penetration, and higher efficacy." 
As weeks past, you will see a difference on your skin as it slowly targets those specific skin problems! 

  • 1 week later: skin looks brighter
  • 2 weeks later: diffuses the look of imperfection
  • 3 weeks later: dark spots and discoloration fades
  • 4 weeks later: visibly more even and radiant skin

My thoughts:

The serum has a nice creamy consistency and one pump covers my face really well. As I apply this on, I do small circles and pat on the serum. The serum leaves a nice velvety smooth feeling on my skin. This is the first thing I put on my face after washing and toning, and I do wait a minute or two to add on my other serums and moisturizers for the day and night. My skin quickly absorbs the serum but I do prefer to wait a bit to apply my next serum just to get my skin to absorb everything.

this is NOT one pump of the serum! 

I am on week 3 of using this product. The first few days I only used it at night to slowly get my skin used to it and then the following week I started using it twice a day. I did not break out during that time and my skin definitely looks healthier and brighter than before. My dark pigmentations are lighter than it used to. I do still am having hormonal breakouts and random breakouts after eating some oily foods or when my skin is dehydrated, so having a balanced diet is very helpful to having clear skin (which Dr. Brandt also practices!). 

We can not just rely on topical skin care products to keep our skin clear, glowing and healthy. Staying hydrated is one of the keys to keeping skin looking great, so keep drinking that water!
Going back to this product, overall it is a great product! I am not sure if I would repurchase, maybe I would get the other serum as I will eventually will be fighting wrinkles and sagging skin in my future! It's depressing to think about it but there is really nothing wrong to fighting against these aging skin problems as early as possible so even if you are still young and think anti-aging products does not relate to you, think again! The earlier you take care of this, the better! The better you will age!

Have you tried any Dr.Brandt products? 

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