July 2, 2014

Influenster Victoria's Secret Sport VoxBox 2014

disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

I received this Victoria's Secret Sport Voxbox through Influenster over a month ago and now I am ready to share with you my thoughts on this new product from one of our favorite stores, Victoria's Secret! 
The VS Sports Bras comes in different designs and according to the answers on my survey, the one perfect for my workout routine is their Incredible sports bra.

About the product: 
 A truly Incredible maximum support sport bra that’s perfect for running, boxing and high-impact workouts. With Body-Wick fabric to keep you cool and dry, and bonded, seamless technology for extra comfort. Plus, a super-soft elastic band and racerback. Get a runway body in performance workout gear from Victoria’s Secret Sport.

  • Here's what else the VictoriasSecret.com websites says about this sports bra:
    • Maximum support
    • Breathable padding with wicking liner to keep you extra dry
    • Concealed wire for cushioned support
    • Padded straps and bonded, seamless technology that eliminates irritation
    • Super-soft elastic band for comfort and movement
    • Cushioned, adjustable back closure
    • Body-Wick keeps you cool & dry
    • Perfect for running, boxing and cardio
    • Machine wash. Tumble dry.
    • Imported. Solids/prints- body: nylon spandex. Mesh insets: polyester/ spandex. Marl- body: polyester/ nylon/ spandex. Mesh insets: polyester/ spandex

This sports bra retails between $49.50- $59.50. You need to know your bra size before purchasing this product. The VS Sport Voxbox also came with a water bottle and a tape measure. 

My Verdict:

During the survey, they asked for my bra size so the item I received came in my size and it fits well around my chest area. Since there are different types of sports bra, Influenster have sent the type of bra that was based on my answers to the survey. 

I do some light-medium exercise every week, mostly cardio from Zumba, and a bit of toning exercises, and a lot of walking- that counts right?!?! Unfortunately, this bra is too stiff to move around at all. I have worn this around the house as I do some house chores and I was not comfortable in it at all. My shoulders were sore after I took this off.  It was just not flexible and I was not even lifting anything heavy or doing any extreme movements! I didn't even bother doing a workout in it since moving my shoulders is actually harder while wearing this sports bra.

I do love the color blocking design, and the color and pattern options they have on the website. The chest area was padded and had wire support which I was not really a fan of. For me, a well made sports bra do not need all that extra material to support my chest as I work out. And because of all these extra materials in the bra, this is actually hard to put on. It is like putting on...a bullet vest (not that I have worn one)! There's really not much room to stretch this out so I had a bit of struggle putting this on.

My review is only for the Incredible by Victoria's Secret Sports Bra. I do not know how the other sports bra feel or wear, so I suggest to try them all out at the store before purchasing.

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