June 30, 2014

June 2014 Favorites

June seriously flew by for me! I can't believe we are already half way through 2014!!!
Besides time flying by, the June weather has been great. Hot and humid as usual. After such a crazy Winter season, how can I not be excited for some hot, humid weather?!? 

So I have officially changed my beauty routine to a more Summer-appropriate wear this June. Some of these items you may have seen on my Instagram (@_j4ckie_)
Here are a few of what I was loving over the month of June! 

"Fragrance-free, color-free, mineral-oil-free, petroleum-free, antiseptic-free, silicon-free. More gentle than being bare skin. All-in-one makeup base cream. 100% Plants origin ingredients, such as extract of Rosemarie, Sage and etc."
1- Chacott Plants Collagen Gel
"Chacott Co.,Ltd. was established as a manufacturer and retailer of Classic ballet products in 1950." - http://www.chacott-jp.com/e/index.html
I received this sample size during IMATS-NY back in April. I just got around to using it now since I was enjoying a different face primer then. This is such a lightweight primer and only a small dot covers my entire face! This product can be purchased here:
I would definitely re-purchase this when I run out of face primers. This I would say is on my top 3 favorite face primers (1- Skindinavia Makeup Primer Spray; 2- BareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer - if you guys were wondering!).

2- Jouer Matte Moisture Tint in Nude & Hazelnut
This has been on my wish list since I tried out a sample size of this from Birchbox years ago! I was using other foundations then so I didn't want to get them until I finish my foundations but when this was offered at a great discount at The Makeup Show NY, I couldn't pass on the opportunity! I bought two and mix them together as I am in-between this two shades right now. This will last me for the rest of the year as you only need a little bit to even out your skin tone. It definitely gives you that matte finish. Just to warn you though, it do accentuates dry patches.

3- NARS Contour Blush: Olympia
*I received this product during the Bloggers Preview for The Makeup Show NY.
I have been using the highlighting shade in this kit to set my under eye concealer (It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness). This powder has a nice sheen that gives that nice subtle glow by my cheekbone area. It doesn't cake and helps for the concealer to not set on my eye wrinkles as much. The contouring shade is a very light shade on me, so I may use this as a setting powder for the rest of my face but for the Summer actually I only set my eye area and use the next item to give me a nice "Summer glow".

"The micro-milled crystal pigments incorporated into the formula make it perfect for highlighting, while the deeper warm tones can sculpt the face." - beauty.com

4- Kevyn Aucoin: The Celestial Bronzing Veil: Tropical Days - Warm Bronze
Apologies for the picture, but when I opened this, it was already broken and just fixed it with alcohol. I purchased it during The Makeup Show NY and it may have broken in my bag or it was already broken before she handed it to me, either way it really doesn't matter now. So before you walk away from a booth at a trade show, always check your products! I use a big powder brush and a light hand to do an all-over highlight with this powder. The shimmers in it are so fine that it gives that nice glow-within on your skin! 

5- Gurly Girl by Iris Jerry - fluffy brush 
6- Altair Beauty - Dome Contour Brush
This two have been my most grabbed brushes out of my ever-so-growing makeup brush collection. Of all the fluffy brushes I have from different brands, this is my favorite from Gurly Girl by Iris Jerry. She only sells her makeup brushes on her Instagram (@gurlyiris17) and sometimes she will have a flash sale so follow her and watch for her flash sales!

The Altair Beauty Dome Contour makeup brush is from a set I won from a giveaway that my beautiful friend, Lily hosted on her blog, Beauty With Lily. She also wrote a review on it, here. This has replaced my ELF Dome brush to set my under eye concealer.
Both brushes are very soft and I have not seen any shedding from these brushes either.

7- Maybelline Define-A-Lash: Waterproof Mascara in Very Black
This does not clump my lashes nor it gets flaky after a few hours of wear. This keeps my curl last all day and there is no struggle to remove it with my cleanser or a facial wipe. The bristles on this is plastic and easily reaches my lower lashes with no problem. 

"Rich in water, aloe, chamolilla and cucumber, each wipe is slightly textured to aid in gentle and effective cleansing." -http://www.laurennapier.com/cleanse/
8- CLEANSE by Lauren Napier
I received samples of this from the beauty events I have attended and I actually am loving this over my baby wipes! I have been using it mostly to remove my makeup and sometimes to freshen up, and it does not leave my skin dry or sticky like other facial wipes.

9- Smell Bent: St. Tropez Dispenser
This was on my POPSUGAR Must Have Box in May and at first I was not a fan of the smell and eventually as I reminisce the beach I started spraying this on me. It is not for everyone, but the nice scent is perfect for the Summer! Makes me feel I just came from the beaches of Maui. *sigh, I really wish I did!

I sure did loved a lot of products this past month, but it was definitely exciting to find all these goodies in my collection! I did not expect to love a lot of these products but after giving it some time and playing around with it, I am not surprised they made it to my favorites! I am very grateful to get some of these items for free but of course that does not affect how I think of them. They really are great products! My tip to you is, have an open mind and read up on the company instead of the reviews (good or bad) to understand the product while you're using it.   

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