June 3, 2014

May 2014 Favorites

This month has been SURREAL!!! 
Attending The Makeup Show NYC, Birchblogger events and getting to meet all the other NYC Bloggers has been really exciting and awesome!!!
I feel very grateful and super blessed to see how my blog has grown and where it's been taking me.
But I did not do this all on my own, because without YOUR support, YOUR kind and sweet comments, YOUR dedication to read my posts; visit my blog; interact with me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook - FiveTwo Certified blog would not be where it is!
THANK YOU so so so much for sticking with me!
Big bear hugs to each of you! 

Now onto what this post is all about...my most used beauty products that I have been loving in my most favorite month of the year!!!

Cynthia Rowley Eyeshadow Palette no.1
When I went to a private shopping event, hosted by a fellow beauty/ fashion blogger, at Cynthia Rowley's store in the Upper East Side I did not expect to fall in-love with her eyeshadow palette. This is her very first eyeshadow palette and the shadows are very creamy, easy to blend and is very flattering with any skin tone. These shadows can be worn day and night which I have for the most part of May.
When I did not want to do much with my eye look I grab this and do a one- or two-shadow look.

I will write a more in-depth review on this palette soon! 

Jouer Tinted Lip Enhancer in Shiraz
Bite Beauty Lush Fruit lip gloss in Strange Fruit
I bought the Jouer lip balm from The Makeup Show when Niki (Jouer's Dir. of Artistry and Education) has told me how this will help with the dryness of the lips, increase the fullness of lips and decrease fine lines. I have been trying different balms because my lips have been dry and chappy (not very pretty!) lately and this have helped kept my lips pretty moisturized! It leaves a nice shine and a sheer color as well which I love. I can definitely see how my lips are smoother than before using this. I naturally have full lips and anything to maintain that fullness I am sold!
With its botanical ingredients, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, this ultra-rich lip moisturizer protects lips from environmentally damaging elements while hydrating and volumizing to provide lasting results.
 This travel size Bite Beauty lip gloss has been my go-to lip color on top of any pink or purple lip product I have. It just adds that bright fuchsia color that stays all day until you eat or drink. This has a bit of a tacky feel to it (so keep your hair away from you face!) but not to the point your lips feels like it is stuck together. It has actually kept my lips hydrated and again helps to keep my lipstick last longer.

Top: Jouer in Shiraz; Bottom: Bite Beauty in Strange Fruit

Serenity + Scott Beauty blush in Venice Beach
I purchased this from The Makeup Show where I met Serenity and Scott themselves! This peachy- gold blush is actually Serenity's favorite blush, and so was mine right after I swatched it on my wrist, I just fell in-love with it! This gives me that healthy-dewy glow on my cheeks. Because it is so finely milled, the shimmer/ highlight it leaves on the skin is just beautiful! A little bit of this goes a long way actually. It is very pigmented and easy to blend.

on the left is a blended out arm-swatch and can you see how gorgeous that shimmer is?!?

SK-II Essential Power Moisturizing Cream
I received this in a gift bag from one of the beauty events I attended.
I have only been using this under my eyes day and night, and after a month of using this, I am seeing improvements with my under eye area! My fine lines are still there but not as "deep" as it was before (I hope that made sense). My concealer goes on smooth and do not sink in as bad as before. 
I will definitely cry when I finish this as this is one luxurious beauty product that I cannot get myself into spending that much money on. 

An essential daily moisturizer with skin conditioning ingredients and antiaging benefits. (Sephora.com)

Skindinavia Makeup Primer Spray
This first ever face primer spray was introduced at The Makeup Show NYC and launched later that month. This oil free and paraben free product has such a fine mist and it does keep my makeup go on smooth and lasts all day! It feels so light on the skin, perfect for the Spring/Summer weather!

These are just a few of what I have been loving. There are so many I want to share with you but these are my top faves for the month. Do follow me on my Instagram (@_j4ckie_) where I do share what I am currently liking, using and loving! 

I am very grateful to be able to attend a lot of beauty events happening here in the city and getting introduced to a lot of great makeup and skin care products out there. I am really excited to share with you all these new beauty finds I am trying out. The beauty industry is expanding and growing, there are a lot of great products out there and I am happy to see it is improving as my skin is very picky! So always have an open mind and do check out the new brands and products out there. Let's not put ourselves in a box as there may be a better product out there for us! Let me know what have you been loving lately at the comments below!

Thank you all again for staying in touch! I truly appreciate you all for being here!!! 

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