March 26, 2014

Vintage Glam Wk4: DIY Nail Art

Last week of Vintage Glam No Buy!!!
This month believe it or not felt like it just flew by! The Spring-temperatures may not be here yet in the East Coast but I sure am glad March is almost over.
Time to almost bust out the champagne and celebrate!

For this week though as you can tell from the title, I will be posting a DIY Nail Art instead of the makeup products I have been using this week. I will post on my Instragram (@_j4ckie) a collage of what beauty products I have been using lately, if you guys want to know.
I have actually been rocking the same eye makeup from my last Vintage Glam FOTD just with different eye shadows I have. So if you guys want to check that out and my previous FOTD's for Vintage Glam, just click on the following links:
For this week's Vintage Glam products, I browsed through my nail polish collection. . .

I have featured before on my Monthly Favorites how these three American Classic Treatment products: Bridge the Ridge (base coat), Gelous & In a Hurry (top coat) have been my favorite to use for my nails. And since I was due for a nail polish change, I went to my nail polish drawer to bring out some old shades to do this Spring-feel Nail Art! Do keep reading to see how I did this easy-piecey cute nails!

What you need:
  • dotting tools of different sizes 
  • three different nail polish shades
    • For this nail art, I used the following shades:
      • Wet n'Wild Megalast: Valet Tag
      • Sephora by OPI: Pale is the New Tan
      • Butter London: Marbs
  • base coat (Bridge the Ridge)
  • top coat (In a Hurry)
  • Gelous (optional)
  • cuticle oil *I always put some cuticle oil (or vaseline) around my nails before starting for easy cleanup afterwards! 

Here are the QUICK EASY STEPS!!!

I chose to use neutral colors with a hint of gold glitter for this look as I still want this to be wearable with a lot of colorful Spring outfits and accessories. You can definitely pick the colors you like and make it as bright or as dark as you want!
  • After applying your base coat, pick your base polish. Here I went for the darkest shade, Wet n'Wild Megalast: Valet Tag. You can definitely do a lighter base if you like. It's your nails and nail art so play around with it!
  • Now for the fun part! Take out your dotting tools and your other two nail polishes! 
  • I used a piece of magazine page here since we want a glossy surface to put the nail polish on. *Paper towel soaks up the nail polish so glossy magazine pages are the best to use!  

I forgot to take pictures while I was doing my nails so I just did this on the piece of paper.
  • First, we will make the big petals of the flower!
  • You can make as many as you want for each finger or just on your chosen accent nail. I suggest 2-3 per finger.
    • Using the bigger size dotting tool, dip this to your chosen polish shade. Here I used Sephora by OPI: Pale is the new Tan.
    • Looking at the diagram above, to make the 4-petal flower, you do FOUR dots side by side by side (hope that made sense!) almost overlapping each other. Tada! Four petals done! 
    • Let this dry for about a minute.
  • Now get your smaller size dotting tool and let's do the inside part of the flower! 
    • Same steps as with the big petal you do smaller FOUR dots side by side by side
    • Here I chose to use a Gold Glitter polish by Butter London: Marbs
  • After letting this dry for a minute or so, using the small dotting tool, dip this on the nail polish shade you used for the big petal and lightly dot one right in the center of your flower.
  • And the flower part is done! Add dots around if you like or you can leave it with just the flowers.
  • Apply Gelous + In A Hurry top coat once all nails are pretty dry.
*beauty tip: if you do not have any dotting tools, you can use a bobby pin or a toothpick to do the dots. To get different sizes with just one tool, it all depends on how much product you have on the toothpick and how much pressure you put as you apply your dot! 
  • The more nail polish on the tool = the bigger the dot
  • less pressure + less nail polish on the tool = small dot

See how easy that was!?! If you are like me and into easy nail arts, I suggest to invest on dotting tools! The nail art possibilities are endless!!! 
The dotting tools I have, I bought on, HERE!

Hope you try it out and if you do and plan to post it on Instagram, don't forget to tag me and you can also use the hashtag - #fivetwocertified - so I can see it! I want to see what color combos you use as I can always use some color inspirations!

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