March 14, 2014

Review: Madison Street Beauty Mineral Eye Shadows

Samples provided by Madison Street Beauty

Ever heard of Madison Street Beauty cosmetics?
Have you every tried lose mineral eye shadows?

Here's a little info about Madison Street Beauty from their website (
Madison Street Beauty was founded to provide environmentally friendly products with all natural and vegan cosmetics. Founded in 2011 from humble beginnings, we have quickly become an indie beauty favorite online. Our goal is to make finding natural products as easy and as affordable as possible while providing the highest standards of customer service. Our dedication to conservation extends throughout our business so you won’t find needless and wastefully extravagant packaging or damaging, chemically filled products being marketed aggressively in an inefficient and ecologically harmful way. We want to put a stop to that and show people that you don’t have to pay the earth to get the highest quality products that don’t hurt you or the environment.
This brand is not only all natural and vegan but are all proudly Made in the USA! In fact, they are located in Las Vegas! They do not test on animals either! 

Right now there is a 60% off sale going on their website! So definitely follow them on their Social Media pages to be updated with any other sales and events going on with them:

I was lucky to sample their lose mineral eye shadows and so this review will just be focusing on this product and nothing else. Though samples were provided for this review, all opinions are solely my own.

About the Product:
  • Packaging: they come in this clear plastic jars with sifters with their label on top. The shade name and number, and company info at the bottom.
  • It comes in two different sizes:
    • Regular: 1g/ 0.035oz (pictured above)
    • Large: 2.5g/ 0.088oz
  • Price is originally $4.99/ Regular and $8.99/ Large, BUT as of right now (March 12, 2014) their website is having a 60% OFF SALE!!! So you can purchase these shadows for $2  or $3.60 each!!!
  • Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Magnesium Stearate, Iron Oxide, Chromium Oxide Green
  • "Each mineral eye shadow is highly pigmented, resists creasing and blends easily with a silky feel. All of our handmade eye shadow colors are formulated with natural ingredients. We do not test on animals and we offer a large collection of vegan cosmetics."
  • There are 100+ shades of eye shadow colors to choose from! Which are conveniently alphabetically arranged! 
  • It comes in two different finishes from what I have noticed from browsing through the pages and pages of shadows:
    • mattes
    • shimmers 

Arm Swatches!

  • I got three shimmers:
    • Rose Gold #28: a sheer, pale pink with lots of rose gold shimmer
    • Fashionista #162: Deep purple with mauve tones, sheer with golden shimmer
    • Deep Sea #65: A smoky blue with teal undertones, shimmery and opaque  

  • And the three mattes are:
    • Tiramisu #104: a matte light brown
    • Water Hyacinth #164: a matte, cool, pale purple shade
    • Rum Raisin #200: a matte, deep brownish purple shade

My Verdict:
  • If I was not on No Buy Makeup this month, I would stock up on these shadows, and try some of their other face products as well. 
  • For the sale price, these are totally worth it!
  • The quality of these shadows are just amazing as you don't need a lot to get the color you need! The arm swatch pictured above, those are just from one tap of the jar!
  • These are very finely milled powder that they go on very smooth on the lids.
    • I have used a crease brush, flat synthetic brush, and a  fluffy blending brush to apply them and I had no problem.
  • I use this just like any of my other lose mineral shadows:
    • Tap once on the lid of the jar.
    • Swirl my brush on the lid.
    • Tap the excess before patting it on the lids to minimize fall out.
      • I haven't really had any problems with fall outs especially when you slowly pat it on the area you want the shadow to be (outer corners, center of the lids or inner corners of the eyes)
  • I personally like to use an eye primer before any eye makeup but for this review I wore one without all day and only saw a little bit creasing. 
    • If you have oily lids, I suggest to use an eye primer though.
  • These are buildable and easy to blend, as you will see with the look I created down below. I used three of the eye shadows I got.

For this EYE Look:
  • used Eden Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion 
  • For this look I needed a little help from my LoracPro Palette:
    • Mauve - transition color on the crease
    • White - brow highlight
  • Madison Street Beauty eye shadows:
    • Rum Raisin - outter V and 1/3 lower lash line + blended with Mauve on the crease
    • Water Hyacinth - inner corner highlight and lower lash line
    • Fashionista - center of the lid (used a wet flat synthetic brush and patted it)
  • tarte colored clay eyeliner in Plum (water line and tight line)
  • tarte Gifted amazonian clay smart mascara
Don't be discouraged to try these out if you are not a fan of lose shadows. The color pay off on these are just amazing! I have only tried a few brands of lose mineral shadows and I just love how finely milled these are compared to the other ones I have! 

I do have enough eye shadows (palettes, single pans, creams and lose shadows) for one girl to have but I am no ordinary lady! I'm a beauty-holic, and a big supporter of small American businesses especially when they make all natural and cruelty free products! 
I am more at ease when I know the products I put on my skin and any part of my body are made with mostly natural ingredients. Madison Street Beauty is definitely on top of my list when I am on the lookout for more eye shadows and if I am in need of foundation or concealer in the future. And there are so many other ways to use lose shadows besides on the eyes! Check out Pinterest and YouTube for some inspirations! Or if you have any ideas, let me know in the comments below!

Got plans for the weekend yet? Don't forget to add: Checking out 60%off sale on that list! 

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