December 9, 2013

Review on INGLOT Cosmetics Part 2

This will be a review on the eye products that I have purchased from Inglot. If you have not seen my review on the other face products they have that I have purchased as well, please click here:

I bought these two eye liners to wear during the Sping/Summer as I mostly owned neutral eye shadows. I wanted to add some color to my eyes so I went bold and bought Inglot's Colour Play Eyeliner in 206 & 203

"Add a pop of color to your eyes with INGLOT’s all new Color Play Eyeliner, available in 6 vibrant shades. These eye-catching eyeliners are sure to define your eyes while leaving a creamy, but long-lasting texture. With the eyeliners built-in sharpener and windup-retractable feature it is perfect for those on the go."

203- is a nice purple shade (my favorite color!)
206- is a pretty turquoise green shade

These colors were just newly released by Inglot when I saw this during their Summer event and so I went bold and got two colors! I have been playing with them and I did like to put them on my lower lash line for that nice pop of color or do a double-wing liner when I am feeling lazy to play with my shadows. It's such an easy way to add color to the eyes!

Now to their Freedom System Palette eyeshadows!!!
Their Freedom System palette (FSP) is not only limited to eyeshadows. They have foundation, concealers and blushes for you to pick at also.

"Freedom palettes come in a range of sizes and for a range of products. A magnetic layer on the bottom of the palette holds pans in place but also allows you to rearrange and exchange each item for convenience and easy product replenishment."

The FSP palettes come in a square or circle shaped casings. I think they are discontinuing the circle case palettes and so most of their shadows are in square shaped pans, but double check with your local Inglot retailers about that since I basically just bought the square shaped shadows and palettes. The palettes come in 1-, 2-, 4-, 5-, 10-, 20-, 40-case square palettes OR you can choose the other variety shaped one to mix your blushes and eye shadows in one palette. You can check out more of their Freedom System Palettes, here: Inglot Freedom System Palettes
The palettes have a magnet on each slot to hold the pans in place. The cover is this nice heavy duty, see-through cover with the Inglot marking and is held by 4 really strong magnets in every corner. To open the palette you can either slide to one side or lift it up to completely remove the cover. These strong magnets from the cover is also used to remove the pans from the case, if you need to re-arrange your shadows. I found this out by accident when the magnet got in contact with one of my shadow pans and it just easily pulled it out of the palette! 

the round pan is a sample shadow I received from an Inglot Event

I decided to buy the 10-case square FSP since I know I will be buying more from this brand in the future. As you can see from the picture above I have not filled my palette yet. I am slowly trying to expand myself to the more colorful eye shadows and not just buy neutral shadows, so this palette I plan to be my smorgas of colors! If you have looked around their online shop, there are tons of colors to choose from! And if you have been playing with their Inglot Virtual Makeover App, you know that  it is hard to choose just one or five shadows!

Let's look at the swatches of the shadows I have, shall we?

These 3 shadows in one pan are what they call,  Freedom System Rainbow Eye Shadow ($8):

"With buttery texture and intense pigmentation, these shadows provide three tones of the same shade.
Freedom colors 101R-120R are matte texture and 121R-130R are Double Sparkle texture."

  • 117- has a Matte texture. I have been using this as my everyday eye makeup.
  • 129R - has a Double Sparkle texture. In the swatch you can't really see it but this is a very sparkly shadow. I have not played with this shadow as much as I should but this I thought is great to use for special occasion events.
  • 134 - is from their Satin Rainbow Eye Shadows set. I like this color and is great for the Spring/Summer!

These are one swipe swatches on my arm and as you can see the pigmentation is great! I don't need much on my brush to get that color on my eyes. The only problem I encountered using the matte shadows were it gets powdery as I swirl my brush on one of the shadows in the rainbow pan. I have to be really light on my hand as I try to grab some of the shadow with this one so the powder doesn't get mixed up to the other two shadows in the pan. Being so used to rubbing hard from my using other eye shadow brands, I need to change that with these shadows as only a light dab on the pan is needed to get some color. I always like to start light with my color and build up the color from there!

The single shadow pans, Freedom System Eye Shadow Square ($6), I bought are as follows:

"Special silicones, treated pigments, talc, mica, nylon and unique spherical powder provide high lubricity and a silky touch for an easy smooth, long lasting, crease resistant application."

  • Pearl 451: this is a grey shadow with nice fine shimmers in it. Great for an all over smokey eye color.
  • Pearl 423: this is a nice burgundy-taupe(-ish) shade with shimmers in it. I use this all over the lid for a quick smokey eye look day or night!
  • Sample Shadow 607: this is a nice burnt red-orange shade with shimmers as well.
  • Matte 322: this aqua blue shadow is very creamy and was just beautiful! I am not sure how to wear this one yet so if you have any suggestions please let me know! 

These single shadow pans come in 5 different finishes: AMC (Advanced Makeup Components), Pearl, Matte, Shine and DS (Double Sparkle).

All in all, I do love their shadows! It's pretty affordable for the amount and quality of the shadows you are getting! These shadows will last me a while as I don't need a lot on my brush to get the color to show on my eyes! The swatches were with no primer so you can just imagine how these will look with a primer underneath! I had no problem blending my shadows with this product either. You will have a usual fall out if you do not tap before you apply to your eyes! So tap-tap-tap those brushes before applying any eye shadows!

The only con I can think of with their Freedom System Palette is how the case can only be used for Inglot products and not as versatile as having a Z- palette, where you can mix and match your de-potted shadows from different palettes and brands.

For make-up artists, beauty-holics, make-up junkies and make-up enthusiasts, Inglot is just heaven! They have everything that you will need to create that everyday-, smokey-eye, holiday-, and so many other Looks! 

If you have not tried anything from Inglot, try them out and not just their eye shadows!  If you are already an Inglot fan, let me know what else I should try out from them!

I hope you enjoyed this Inglot review and was a bit helpful if you are debating on trying out this brand.

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