December 20, 2013

Review: Lorac Pro Palette + a festive FOTD

I am sure most of you have all seen a review or a YouTube video on this palette and just like me, I have been wanting it since everybody raves about it! Now I finally got it as a Christmas present to myself! I told hubby, no need to buy me a gift because I am buying this one and he can just give me his credit card hahaha! And he can get whatever he wants as well for Christmas - in the end we're both not stressing what to get each other!

I think around October, Ulta released this limited edition kit (unfortunately it's not on Ulta's website anymore), I passed it up during the time Ulta had a 20%off on everything in the site but since then I kept kicking myself in the shin for not getting it then! So when Black Friday came, I purchased this for $39 plus a Black Friday sale product I was eyeing. 

The kit comes with:

  • Lorac's Pro Palette
  • Front of the Line Pro liquid liner in Black 
  • Mini Behind the Scenes eye Primer
. . . It was truly a bargain for $39 for all these products. I will just be focusing this review though on the palette as I have not played with the liquid liner as much since I got it. I will give you my thoughts on it next time!

Packaging & Product Quality:

  • The palette is cased is this nice matte black cover with a magnetic closure.
  • It also has a decent size mirror on the top part of the cover.
  • This does not come with any eye shadow brushes unlike other palettes, which I'm fine with it since I'd rather use my own brushes for it!

This palette has the following shadow shades:

  • 8 matte shades: White, Cream, Taupe, Lt. Pink, Mauve, Sable, Espresso & Black
  • 8 Shimmer: Nude, Champagne, Gold, Lt. Bronze, Pewter, Garnet, Deep Purple & Slate
The variety of shades are just perfect to make a daytime, nighttime or special occasion looks! In the end of this post I have shared a pretty wearable look for the Holidays and I hope you like it! You can just scroll down if you just want to jump onto that part of the post if you like, I won't be mad!

Here's an arm swatch of the eyeshadows. These are with no eye primer at all.

My Verdict:
  • Packaging can get dirty easily as it is a matte black (rubbery) texture to it, the fall outs from the brush can get everywhere in the packaging, so just be careful. 
  • I made a mistake of putting a lot of pressure on the shadow pan when I "dipped" my brush in them. These are very buttery soft and only a light dab on the pan is all you need to get the shadow on your brush!
  • Tap the excess from your brush before applying on your lids to not get any fall outs on your cheeks.
  • It is so true to color, and again only a little bit of it is needed!
  • These are so easy to blend! It can get muddy if you blend too much (yes it has happened to me!) so just be patient and blend carefully *windshield wiper motion!
  • The variety of shades in this palette is pretty neutral and will compliment all skin tones!
  • You can definitely make looks with this for day to night/ neutral to smokey/ everyday to glam-sexy!
  • The mini eye primer is very creamy and goes on clear once I have spread a small amount of it all over my lids! No creasing at all after 10hrs of wear of this shadow and primer pair!

A festive FOTD using the Lorac Pro Palette
Here's an example of a  holiday glam look using this palette! 
I fell in love with the Garnet shade- it is a nice burnt orange shade with a nice sheen to it! I love a more gold-toned look for the holidays as it complements my warm (yellow) skin tone really nicely. I paired this look with a Boho-easy hair style (since I have no idea what to do with it!) and just added a gold chain necklace as a head piece.  Hope you guys like it and let me know if you do try out this look!

  • bareMinerals Prime Time foundation primer
  • bareMinerals Original powder foundation in Golden Tan
  • Inglot AMC Cream Concealer #70
  • NYX "Set It Don't Fret It" mattifying powder
  • POPBeauty Blush/Bronzer duo in Honey Beam
  • LIPS: Inglot Sleeks lip gloss #59

  • Lorac eye primer
  • LoracPro Palette shadows in:
    • all over the lid: Garnet
    • center of lid: Gold
    • inner corners: Cream + Champagne
    • outer "V" corner: Deep Purple + Espresso
    • crease: Taupe
    • lower lash line: Garnet + Deep Purple
    • below the brow: Cream
  • Cailyn gel liner in Purple + Deep Purple shadow to mattify and darken the liner a bit
  • mascara: They're Real Benefit mascara

  • NYX Taupe eye pencil
  • Benefit Gimme Brow in Ligth-Medium

So if you are debating on what eyeshadow palette to get, don't cross this out of your list yet and do check it out in the store for yourself. The quality of the shadows is really buttery smooth and the variety of shadows is pretty versatile! 
I honestly have ignored my other eye shadows as all the shades I need to make a look is in this palette already! I will share with you another look next week using this palette. I would include it here but I don't want to make this any longer as it is. So click on that G+ subscribe button so you don't miss out!

I hope you are all having a great Holiday Season so far and tomorrow it is officially Winter! Who's excited?!?!
Have a great one guys and see you all again (I hope) on my next post!

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