September 27, 2013

PopSugar Must Have SEPTEMBER Box

So the PopSugar Must Have Box is another monthly box that features full size products from PopSugar's must have picks for home, fitness, food, beauty and fashion. 
This box is $35/month (+tax) with free shipping. Pricier than other monthly boxes out there but the products you do get are great quality products that are worth more than the $35 you pay. I have only been subscribed with them for three months now and I like it so far. There are items in the boxes that make me think, "Oh yeah I can use that!" OR "Why didn't I think of that before?!?"
If you are interested in signing up, please use my referral link:
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Now let's look at Popsugar Must Have SEPTEMBER Box!!!

Must Have Home
Barr-Co. Original Scent Reed Diffuser
"This scent is a blend of milk, oatmeal and vetiver."

I had to look up what vetiver is and according to "Vetiver is described as smelling warm and dry, and conveying earthy, woody, leather, balsamic and smoky notes."
I have never heard of this brand either but I do like diffusers. This has a very nice "home-y", cozy smell to it. This is definitely a smell I would like to come home to and just curl up on the couch with a nice hot tea and The Real Housewives on TV hehehe! I do know who will love this more, so I will be adding this to her House Warming Gift! 

Must Have Home
Rifle Paper Co. Coaster Set

Never heard of this brand again but I love this coaster set! It is super girly and it looks so pretty! I have one on my desk and by my make-up table, when I bring my glass of water or cup of coffee when I go do my makeup. Since these are too pretty to just have it kept in the box, I have them up on my fridge using the magnetic chip clips to hold them. Hubby doesn't mind since it is MY kitchen hehehe!

Must Have Beauty
Kitsch Headbands
"These Kitsch headbands will be kind to your hair and look cute, too. Try out fun new hairstyle, or use them to keep your locks out of your face during your next workout class."

 I haven't opened this one yet since I have other headbands I am using now. This girl can never have enough headbands or hair ties though especially when they look cute on my wrist! And I do hate when my hair gets on my face so this will definitely be in used soon.

If you're interested in purchasing some kitsch products visit their website:
and enter the code: POPSUGAR20 to save 20% on your order. This expires in 11/30/13.

Must Have Fashion
Shoptiques $25 Gift card
"Shoptiques is a marketplace where you can shop amazing boutiques from all around the world in one place."
I have checked the website and browsed around after I saw this gift card and there are a lot of stuff there I want! From dresses to cute tops to shoes to handbags to accessories! Price is on the high end so I am looking for a piece I will be happy to see in my closet and is versatile to wear, and it looks like one-of-a-kind item.

Must Have Fitness & Food
Fitness: Sharkies
Food: That's It. Bar

Sharkies are these electrolyte chews shaped in little sharks that will give you energy when you need it! I opened this the other day since I just finished working out and oh man these were super sticky! It is in gummy form but as I bite down it just sticks to my teeth which I hate. I did feel re-energized that I didn't need to snack on almonds before dinner!
That's It. Bar is basically a bar of two fruits and that is basically it! No other ingredients in it all! "That's it!" This bar is an Apple+Mango bar and hubby grabbed it as soon as he saw it in our fruit bowl. He loves it and it is a great snack to have.

Must Have Fashion
P.S.- You're Invited by Erica Domesek
"Erica Domesek is the DIY expert behind the popular website P.S I Made This, and this time she's sharing more than 40 beautiful easy-to-make DIY projects for many occasions."
I love this book! I was super excited to see this in the box. From pasts boxes, they have always included an awesome book and I am super happy to get this! I love to DIY especially when it only takes some modpodge glue, glitter and a boring phone case to turn it into a blingin' phone case! I have that post right HERE! And check my "ftc DIY" tab above to see a few more!

I like this box! I am really not sure what else to say but I feel like all the items I get in the box is totally worth the $35. They ship through USPS so I haven't had any shipping problems with them. The box has been arriving on time, around the second week of the month. Unfortunately, they do not do any sneak peeks so you are going to be totally surprised on what's in your Must Have Box! This surprise I like!

Hope you all have a great weekend! And Happy First Weekend of Fall!

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