September 25, 2013

Ipsy September 2013 Glambag

I know it's the end of September already but DHL doesn't seem to understand how important these bright bubbly pink envelopes need to get to their owners ASAP. This month was the longest time I had to wait for mine and that was such a torture! Not good Ipsy! Not good at all! I really hope this gets resolved soon.
I usually get mine the same day they have sent out tracking codes but ever since Ipsy have switched to DHL and decided to start mailing out bags around the 10th or later (I'm really not sure when but it feels even later than that!), the bags have been coming later and later! I am just glad my mailman knows that this need to get to me right away, hehehe! 

If you have not heard of Ipsy Glambags this is a monthly beauty bag subscription, co-founded by the famous YouTube Beauty Guru Michelle Phan. Ipsy is only $10/ month (+tax in CA, NY and NC states) that has 5 deluxe samples to full size beauty products. This can vary from high end brands such as Urban Decay, theBalm, Josie Maran, Smashbox, Butter London, Benefit to drugstore brands like NYX Cosmetics, Pixie, Pacifica, Pop Beauty to never have heard of brands like Mica Beauty, J. Cat, It's a Bombshell, Starlooks, and so on.

So if you are interested in signing up if you haven't yet, please click HERE. This is my personal referral link. And for every person that signs up with my link I will get Ipsy Points which can be claimed for another item that they have featured on their Ipsy Points site. Once you have signed up, you will get your own link that you can share with your friends and family too! 

The company has grown so much since I have joined. It will be my one year with them by next month and I am happy to say, I have liked most of the products I have received from them. My make-up collection has grown because of all the great products from them! I am yet to be disappointed in regards to the samples I have received. Shipping wise though, is a different story!

Now onto this month's glambag. . .
"Classic Beauty"
is this month's theme for their bag. Keeping our make-up this month simple yet classic, is what I am guessing the message here. That's what's I'm assuming from what I received in my bag.

Let's look at the bag for a moment, I do love the color and the print is ok. Ipsy has been stepping out of their comfort zone I noticed and has been making bags that have such bold patterns and bright colors lately! Keep it up Ipsy, I can't wait what bag we get (for free!) next month now!
We also got samples from Michelle Phan's new cosmetic line called Em Cosmetics. The 3-fold card comes with samples of 3 eye shadow colors and 1 blush from her Life Palette, Career Life Look 4.
I was hoping she would include one or two full size pans instead of this one-time-use-only sample "packet".

above the sample it says: "sample for evaluation of texture and aesthetic properties only" not sure what that means
Here are the swatches from the sample. All the samples have a nice velvety, creamy texture to it. Not very pigmented tho so I had to keep swiping to get to the shade below. There are no shade names listed with the sample just a picture of where these shadows can be found in her palette. Just from the quality of these shadows, I'd love to try out a small palette from her.
sampler from Career Life Look 4: Natural Talent

Now for the products I received in my Ipsy bag! First this, J. Cat Beauty Fantabulous Lipstick in the color Honeycrisp. Packaging wise it feels flimsy to me. I do love how the lipstick is encased in this clear plastic that is not covered by the cap so you can see the shade. 
This has a lighter color than my skin tone and would just probably look not so nude on me. So this will be going to my sister. 
This lipstick is Cruelty Free, Hypoallergenic and Lead Free!
Next is this Starlooks kohl eye liner in the color Obsidian. It's a regular black eye liner pencil. I wish it was a retractable one with built-in sharpener. This would look great with my next item for a night time look. . .

This NYX Single Eye Shadow in the color Cryptonite. It's this dark metallic silver shade which I haven't really opened since as you can see my case is broken! I'm scared the whole thing will just fall apart if I try to open it or do anything to it so right now it is sitting in my make-up bin. I have contacted Ipsy about it and they replied the next day that they will be sending me a replacement, yay! I love this color tho so I need to find this guy a new home or something so I can use it. Can I depot NYX eye shadows? Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

Another eye product they have included in my bag is this It's So Big voluminous mascara by Elizabeth Mott. I haven't opened this one either since I still am using the one from last month's bag and my other mascaras that I have open right now.

size comparison with the J.Cat Lipstick

Now lastly are these Freeman Paper Masks:
  • Facial Hydrating Paper Mask with Blue Agave
  • Facial Brightening Paper Mask with Rose
  • Facial Purifying Paper Mask with Starfruit
I am excited to use these. If you have seen my recent haul from The Face Shop (read it here). I just bought some facial masks since my face is going through the change of weather as well so it is needing some TLC. I have never tried anything from Freeman before so we will see if my skin will agree to it!

Here's the card with all the other products that they have featured for this month's bag with the discounts each brand has to offer. All discount codes are available on their Ipsy website ( and just search for the brand. 
For the items I received, just click on the product names above and it will directly link you to the Ipsy site with the code.

All in all, this bag was a meh! I would have loved to have gotten the Jesse's Girl Liquid Eye Liner and /or the Chella higjlighter pencil instead of another mascara or kohl eye liner. After seeing my items for this month, I am really not sure how their IpsyMatch do match us with the items we get because I didn't have skin care or simple/natural look chosen on my quizzes and yet I still got a nude lipstick and the face masks. Still got a lot of tweaking to do here Ipsy. Definitely missed the bulls eye on mine this month.

I would have given you a Face of The Day using some items from this bag but I am just not feeling well and want to post this ASAP since the end of September is creeping in already! I will just have to do a separate post on that sometime soon =)

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