March 20, 2018

Mini Bag Must-Haves

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I recently have downsized to a smaller purse. Carrying a smaller handbag also meant downsizing the stuff I bring with me. This was a huge change for me since I usually just throw everything that I think I'll need throughout the day in my purse. But having limited space, makes me think twice, and be more strategic of what I bring so I can use up every inch of space in that small bag.

So keep reading if you'd like to know what are my
Mini Bag Must-Haves

But first, this gorgeous mini bag I've been carrying lately.
This Chanel Vintage Diamond CC Flap Bag was an impulse buy, and my first time purchasing a preowned luxury handbag. I didn't expect to come home with this beauty since I'm suppose to be on a handbag shopping hiatus, but I just couldn't leave the store without it. I've done a lot of reading and research on purchasing luxury preowned handbags, which I highly suggest you do before purchasing pre-owned luxury bags, since there are tons of sites and stores that sells counterfeited luxury handbags out there.

I bought this one from ReBag, a pre-owned luxury handbag store in Soho, New York. They also have a website called The store also authenticates the handbags they sell so there's no feeling of uncertainty if that luxury bag you bought is fake or not. I surely asked the girl who was helping me tons of questions about vintage Chanel's since this one was made in the 80's! And I was very impressed how much she knows about it. Yes, this bag is almost as old as me, which I thought was pretty cool. For a 30+ year old bag, this bag is in such great condition!

Sadly the previous owner didn't have the dust bag for this and the Chanel authencity card anymore, which is understandable since it's been decades, but Rebag put it in one of their dust bags, and it has the Rebag authenticity card, which will be helpful if ever I do plan to resell this bag. I'm not sure if all the handbags they sell that don't come with the original dust bag will come in a Rebag dust bag since I asked the girl for one.

*This is in no way sponsored by Rebag/ Trendlee. Just sharing you my experience.

Now onto what's inside this mini bag. I made sure my iPhone 7+ fits in here, and actually the phone sits perfectly inside either vertically or horizontally. The only thing not shown in this picture are my house keys and my ID, credit cards and cash which I keep in the zipper pocket.
I always have my business cards with me, and my go-comb which I keep in another card holder.

For the rest of the items in my bag, I decided to keep it all in a pouch so it's easier for me to grab the mints or mirror or my L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream | $12.00. Since I don't want to carry a pressed powder and brush for touch-ups, these oil-blotting sheets from Beauty by POPSUGAR Beauty Paper | $10.00  will have to do to keep me looking fresh for the day.

Instead of carrying a lipstick + lip gloss, which can take up a lot of space, lip pencils seems to be more ideal to carry. A nude and a red/berry shade lip pencils are all the choices I need. To add some shine, I sometimes top it off with the It Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi Lip Treatment | $24.00.

And on days, my lips are too dry I just use my Herpecin-L Lip Protectant | $6.29. This helps treat, protect and relieve my lips from cold sores, sun & fever blisters and chapped lips. It has an SPF of 30, also formulated with Lysine, Vitamins B6, C & E to treat cold sores and keeps lips moisturized.

Carrying a mini bag was a big adjustment but my arms and shoulders are thanking me for not lugging a heavy bag around. It was trial-and-error to know which products I do need to bring with me before I got it down to these items. And I think if you really want to carry a mini bag, you will be forced to carry less.

What's in your mini bag?
Check out the widget below to see my high-and-low mini bag choices.


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