March 14, 2018


A few weeks ago I attended POPSUGAR's preview event for their own beauty line called
You can check out my Instagram (@fivetwobeauty_) under "EVENTS" in the highlights for more pics and videos from the preview event.
What's more important though is 
the collection is available now at all ULTA stores and online ! ! !
"B E A U T Y by POPSUGAR makes your outer glow just as bright as your inner one."
POPSUGAR is a lifestyle website where you can read up on all your celebrity news, fashion updates, news on health, beauty, food, fitness and many more! I have been reading POPSUGAR since I got into makeup and fashion. Recently I have also added POPSUGAR Fitness to my feed and have found my favorite at-home workouts from their site!
Twilight & Dawn Eyeshadow Palettes | $42.00
BEAUTY by POPSUGAR was born when founder Lisa Sugar heard from POPSUGAR's network of 100 million beauty junkies on their ultimate makeup must haves; a beauty haul made with healthy and smart ingredients; formulas that are buildable with shades that range from sheer to intense with just a few brush strokes; and products that are fun and easy to use, wherever you are.
"Work hard, play nice, look great." 
Sweet Stx Satin Matte Lip Color | $20.00

At the preview event, we were able to "play" with the whole collection and what stood out to me the most were the Make Waves Liquid Metallic Eyeshadow | $23.00. These are eyeshadows mixed in water and glycerin to preserve moisture. It applies really nicely with the fingers and once it dries, it leaves a beautiful shimmer of color on the lids.

This collection is by the way, cruelty-free & vegan.
 NO paraben, mineral oils, pthalates, triclosan, sodium laurel sulfate and gluten.

We came home with a gift bag filled with BEAUTY by POPSUGAR products and from the lip products I've tried: Be Sweet Tinted Lip Balm | $20.00, Be The Boss Lip Glosses | $18.00 and Sweet Stx Satin Matte Lip Color | $20.00 - these all have a nice, sweet smell of cupcake and are pretty moisturizing on the lips. The lip balm and the glosses leaves a sheer color on the lips while the Sweet Stx is pretty buildable.

The only con I have with some of the lip packagings are you can't really tell what shade you are picking up, unless you keep the box since that one comes with the sticker color.

The Be Cosmic Crystal Liquid Lip in Fairidescent | $24.00 is a beautiful prismatic lip topper that reflects and amplifies surrounding light. This has a nice minty scent to it and it doesn't feel sticky or tacky on the lips.

The one eyeshadow I tried, Be Noticed Eye Shimmer Putty Powder | $23.00 reminds me of ColourPop's single shadows, when you press your finger to the pan it makes a dent. I have only used this as a highlight on the center of the lids since it's a glittery shadow. This doesn't feel gritty at all, you would think it is because of all the glitter but it doesn't.

Overall, if you're the type that goes for a more natural makeup look; the type that only has 5-10 minutes to put on makeup; the type that just needs a little bit of color on their cheeks or lips; the type that can't be bothered with the 20-steps to glam makeup then this collection is for you.
To those who are just starting in makeup, check out Beauty by POPSUGAR. The colors aren't too bold and the products are very easy to use.



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