April 18, 2016

Jesse's Girl Back Stage Collection - Natural Nudes

"If you can't stop thinking about it, buy it!" or else you would regret it later on - as what my hubby would add. And for this drugstore purchase I surely walked in to Rite Aid for something else and walked out with this too. I don't own any Jesse's Girl makeup besides her awesome liquid liner, so I was curious how her eyeshadows are. I haven't read any reviews on this so here are my thoughts on her
Back Stage Collection palette in
Natural Nudes 

About the brand

Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics provides fashion-forward beauty for any budget (because a beautiful face shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg).

Debut in 2005 and can be found in over 3,000 store in the United States. High quality products with affordable prices is what this company stands for. Products vary from high quality nail enamels, mineralized baked eyeshadows, eye and lip liners, lip glosses and their sought after pure pigment eye dusts.

JulieG, YouTube Beauty Guru, have collaborated with the brand and have her own collection of nail enamels and false lashes. All can be found on their site, so just click on the link above!

About the product

Back Stage Collection - Natural Nudes
$5.99 - 6.99 (Rite Aid Pharmacy or www.jessesgirl.com)

Sold exclusively at Rite Aid Pharmacy but can also be purchased on their website. This palette has 10 natural nude shadows in this travel-friendly compact.
6 - shimmers from L-R (pale pink - rose gold - gold - taupe - dark taupe - deep purple)
4 - mattes 

(5 inches by 3 inches) 13 grams/ .45 oz

 Shimmery shadows from Left to Right
Pale Pink - Rose Gold - Gold - Taupe - Dark Taupe - Dark Purple with gold/pink shimmers

Matte shadows

My Thoughts
This isn't bad for it's drugstore price. The eyeshadow pans are pretty big compared to the other drugstore eyeshadow palettes so you are getting a lot for the price tag. The palette does not come with a mirror, as you can see it's a clear cover to see the shadows inside. Another downside to it is how it does not come with names for each shade, and the website did not have a detailed description either.

This palette has a pink undertone to it which is different from my other neutral palettes. It reminds me of Urban Decays' Naked3 palette but I'm not sure if this can be a dupe for that. 

The quality of the eyeshadows is not comparable to the higher end shadows. I really had to pack on the shimmery shadows on my lids to get the same pigmentation on the arm swatch.
The last two darker shadows are the most pigmented of the shimmer shadows, and is beautiful to use for a smokey eye look. The lighter shadows also did not last long even with an eyeshadow primer underneath. By the end of the day, most of the shimmers are all over my cheeks.

The matte shadows have a nice creamy texture to it. It goes on smooth and is easy to blend. I would use these shadows alone for a nice neutral day time look. The eyeshadow sponge applicator that it came with it is not too bad either to use to add highlight on my lids. 

Overall, it's not a bad drugstore palette but it's not the best drugstore palette. I will keep playing with this and see if it is better to use with my fingers instead of my shadow brushes, and how it is if I do use it with a wet brush. I will let you know on my Twitter (@fivetwobeauty_) or Snapchat (fivetwobeauty) if you guys want an update. I really like the shades in this palette so I am not giving up on it yet and will keep using it in different ways to see what works best for it.

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