April 4, 2016

February & March Favorites

I don't want to make any excuses for not getting my favorites up and posted sooner than I thought but we all had our bad days and some days were just worse so I apologize if this is a bit late. I have really great products here that I'm very excited to share with you so here are my
February & March Favorites

*don't worry this isn't an hour long video. I do have tons to share with you from the past two months but I have edited this as short as possible so please excuse the cuts (if it's that noticeable, I may have talked way too much, so I had to edit a lot).

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My YouTube channel is an extension of my beauty blog so the contents of my blog and my channel will be different from each other. I show mostly how-to's on my YouTube so you can see how I use the makeup products I talk about here.

I am also thinking of adding some non-beauty related videos on my channel such as vlogs, q&a's, easy nail arts, collaborations with other YouTubers, and many more.

Enjoy and thanks so much for watching!!!

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