July 7, 2015

London OOTDs at Mondrian London

I just wanted to share with you the outfits I packed for our London trip and some fashion tips as well. I do love to see what other fashion bloggers wear for their trips as it helps to give me an idea to still keeping it stylish while on a limited luggage space, so I was inspired to share mine and hopefully helps you!

During our stay in London, my husband and I stayed at Mondrian London at Sea Containers which is located in the Southbank area of Central London. The beautiful hotel just opened last year, 2014 and is making a name for itself already with their rooftop bar, Rumpus Room, the only rooftop bar by the River Thames. The hotel is in a great location where you can catch a few buses, the rail and the London Tube. It's just a 15-minute walk to the London Eye, and the Waterloo Station, and 30-minute walk to Westminster.

It was a challenge to pack for the unpredictable London weather. The week started with some London rain and then the rest of the week was a beautiful Spring weather temps! Perfect for all the walking and sightseeing I have planned for the week.  Hubby and I did some of the photoshoots at the beautiful Mondrian London hotel and for the rest I had to do with the full size mirror in our room. If you do want to see more of the hotel, I have made an album on my Facebook, HERE, that you can take a look.
How gorgeous is this lobby right?
I packed outfits that I can layer just in case it gets warm during the day time or chilly at night. I plan not to overpack since I know I will be filling our luggages with a lot of London treats, souvenirs and makeup. This Black&White coat I scored an awesome deal at Poshmark!
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These Timberland raspberry red Brookton 6-inch boots, I bought on-sale in the Timberland.com website, weeks before. This color is actually not on sale anymore but these comfy, lightweight boots comes in other colors including their classic yellow Timbs.
This was taken at the Mondrian London hotel lobby which had this nice long couch that is pretty comfortable. The hotel have this Trans-Atlantic ship theme to it, which you will definitely see throughout the design by Tom Dixon, British interior designer and owner of TomDixon.net. The front desk which is all the way in the back behind the huge blue 3-link chain sculpture, was designed like it was the side of the ship. The nice hammered, copper metal design continues to the hall that leads to the Sea Containers restaurant. 
The track light on the floor leads you the Sea Containers Restaurant. The lights supposedly mimics the light in the ship to guide you where to go.

This Banana Republic wrap dress was worn for our Afternoon Tea Time date at The Orangery in Kensington Gardens. I paired it with my espadrille wedges, and this black leather Kate Spade tote bag was the only nice bag I brought besides my cloth bags I rolled away with my clothes.

On our walk back to the hotel from dinner one night, I added this colorful Desigual scarf to add color to my black and grey and white ensemble. Packing very neutral colors and adding some pop of color with accessories is one way to make it easy to change and play with your outfits when you have limited space for packing.

Now here comes the mirror-selfies as my hubby was unavailable those days. Mixing my animal print tunic top with my red Timbs to add some pop of color to this pretty neutral colored outfit. The tunic is pretty sheer and have 3/4 sleeves so I wore this lightweight bomber jacket over it and took it off later in the afternoon. I was on my way to walk around Buckingham Palace and Westminster area so I needed my comfy boots on. 

Our Standard room came with this full size mirror that has a dimmable light switch.
 More room pictures in my Facebook album and an upcoming post about the hotel later this week.
I was on my way to do some eating at Borough Market that day, so a lose top was a must! I had to bring my favorite Cat with Glasses shirt and paired it with my floral leggings and these BCBGeneration black wedge sneakers

After relaxing at the Agua Spa lounge which is complimentary to all hotel guests, I grabbed my F21 Giraffe sweater to pair with these pair of black leggings to go grab dinner close by. I think I packed three different black leggings for this trip. Leggings doesn't take much space in the luggage so I wore leggings all week. 

Few fashion tips for you as I'm sure you want to keep it stylish as you go on your trip:
  • Always check the weather before packing to have an idea what to pack.
    • Outfits you can layer are always helpful so you can mix and match it.
    • Check if the hotel you're staying at has an umbrella you can borrow.
  • Bring at least 2 pairs of comfortable shoes with you. If you feel more comfortable walking on wedge shoes likes me bring your favorite one.
    • For all the walking you will be doing, pack shoes that have great sole support besides your ballet flats, flip flops and sandals. Your feet will thank you!
  • I planned my outfits around the two pair of shoes I brought, and because one is a very loud red pair of boots, I kept my clothes neutral, and it's easier to mix and match them.
    • Mix and match blacks, whites, grays and creams
    • Animal print in neutral shade is a great addition
    • Stripes are great as well if you have a great stripe shirt, go for it!
  • Pack minimal makeup and jewelry because we all know you will find something there as you walk around.
  • Beauty wise - Keep your skin hydrated! A change in air always gets our skin to dry out so pack a hydrating moisturizer with you unless you are planning to buy some skincare products there, then look for one that is moisturizing. 
    • Pack a lip balm with SPF as well. 

What are your must-haves when you're packing for a trip. I would love to know so comment below!

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