March 25, 2015

#MeetEfva Event

Earlier this month, Swedish jewelry designer Efva Attling hosted a very intimate event at her Meatpacking District store in NYC. The guests were treated to take a look at her new collections including Catch a Falling Star and Take No Shit, which is a collection that sends a message of giving strength and gaining courage.

White wine from Blue Nun, whiskey from New England Distilling and Hiro Mojito's provided by Hiro Sake were served throughout the night.

Efva Attling also shared her story on how she became a jewelry designer from being a fashion model and a lead singer in a famous 80's band, The X Models.
She has mentioned that her very first love since childhood was to be a jewelry designer. She made her very first jewelry at eleven and was the pupil of one of Sweden's greatest silversmiths. At twelve, she was discovered by Eileen Ford (Ford Models) and her career in modeling started. She traveled and modeled in New York, Paris, Milan and London with Ford Models but after a while she decided to change her career. Her family loves music and she loves to sing, hence she started her band The X Models. And from then she decided to go back to jewelry designing and now she has 8 successful stores internationally!
Below is her life journey in pictures. A picture of her very first jewelry she made at 11, her singing with the band, her son and her different photo shoots for her different collections.

Efva Attling in the middle with two of her guests that night, Alyson Charles (right) and Sonia Baghday from Mind. Body. and Go.
Image provided by LUSHPOP Productions

 *Please excuse the language* Fun fact about this ring that Efva have shared with us, celebrity Uma Thurman (from Kill Bill 1 and 2) bought this ring, and flashed all the papparazzi with it! When she lost it, she went back to the store to repurchase it. 
Papparazzi Ring 
From her jewelry collections to her life story, Efva Attling is one #GirlBoss. She knows what she wanted to do and went for it. She wants to send a message to the world with her jewelry and that is exactly what she is doing. She has released all these different collections that has different meanings to her and sends such a beautiful message. You can all take a look at the different collections, HERE.
 Besides the message behind every design Efva Attling is also giving back. As part of the purchase of the Rainbow Freedom pendant, 30% of its US sales will go to Hetrick-Martin Institute (, Empowerment, Education and Advocacy for LGBTQ Youth and 10% of the sales for Take No Shit pendant will be going to Cross My Heart.
To check out more about this great woman, visit her page:

with Christine from The Tiny Tierant 

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