December 8, 2014

"Everyday Daytime" $20 Makeup Look

We all have seen, and some of my beauty bloggers have done the famous "$20 Makeup Challenge" were all makeup products used for a look totals up to $20. For that challenge, there was no rule at where you can buy your products and the makeup tools used are also included in the $20 total! 
My beauty besties, Faith ( and Angela (, and I brainstormed and made this more challenging and twisted the rules a bit for our own $20 Makeup Look! We tag all the beauty lovers out there who wants a good challenge and hey, it's an excuse to buy some great drugstore makeup!

The Rules:
  • All the makeup products we purchased for our looks must be bought at a RiteAid store. We have included the receipts in our pictures as proof.
  • The total of all the products must be $20 or less before taxes. You can use any manufacturer's coupon's or any sales that is going on that day to your total.
  • You can use any makeup brushes or sponges or any makeup tools you need to do your $20 makeup look. 
  • Share us your looks on Instagram and Twitter! Be sure to use the hashtag #RITEAIDBeautyTag and tag our accounts as well:
    • Faith (@FaithRoxas)
    • Angela (@koreandoll)
    • Jackie (@fivetwobeauty_)
  • Have fun with it and tag anyone who you think would be up for a beauty challenge! 

The Gameplan & Products Used:

Before heading to a RiteAid store I knew I had to plan out my shopping so I don't get overwhelmed and spend hours on the Beauty Aisle. I knew it is a very tight budget as drugstore makeup are not that cheap if they are not on-sale and without any manufacturer's coupons. A full face makeup for me usually consists of more than 5 products but for this challenge I knew I had to focus my products on the areas I really want: Coverage, my eyes and lips.I also try to find products that can be used for more than just one area of the face; a multitasking product!

You can also check online RiteAid's weekly ad for your store to see if they have any good sales that week. During that week I went, RiteAid had all Maybelline cosmetics for 40%off! So I went to choose the most expensive thing to buy on my list from there which is my foundation. 

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind The Lifter Makeup in Medium Beige (Reg:13.79/ SALE 8.27): I have used their concealer from this line before and I liked it. I also saw this is a Primer and Foundation in one that will give me medium coverage. The primer in this foundation, I also used over my eyes as an eye primer! This had a nice matte finish and silicone texture to smoothen out the skin. 
But after using this a few more times I just do not like this foundation. The silicone texture is hard to blend even after using a great moisturizer underneath. The Lifter makeup with peptides had a cooling sensation on the skin so when I used it under my eyes and as I primer it was uncomfortable since the sensation didn't go away at all.

Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte in Divine Wine (Reg: 7.99/ SALE 4.79): I am a lip product junkie and so I went to get a lipstick that I am missing in my collection and have been wanting to get after seeing it on Lily ( The creaminess of this lipstick, though it is a matte finish was perfect to use as a creamy blush. The shade is perfect as well to use for Fall/Winter Season. 
On the lips since I am already wearing a smokey eye for the daytime I just dabbed on the lipstick to have more of a stained-lips effect look.

Revlon CustomEyes in 020:Naturally Glam (Reg: 9.49/ SALE 2.37): This was on Clearance Sale and so I grabbed for the neutral palette which has beautiful shades that I used to highlight my cheeks and to fill out my brows a bit. I did try to use a wet angled brush to do a winged liner but the darkest shadow in the palette wasn't really that black as I wanted.
The lightest shadow in the palette I used to highlight my cheeks besides in the inner corners of my eyes. I really love this palette, the shadows beside the darkest one is great for everyday use. It's easy to blend and you can see it's pretty pigmented!

Wet n'Wild Megalength Mascara in Very Black (Reg: 2.99/ SALE 2.39): I really wanted to accentuate my eyes and lips for this look and no finished look is really done without apllying mascara. So for my last purchase for this challenge was a mascara that Faith recommended and really liked. And for the price as well I wasn't going to complain! It did give me length but it didn't hold my curl as my other mascaras do.

My total before taxes was $17.82! After spending two hours at RiteAid I am finally below the $20 limit! And here's the final look! This challenge was not easy, as I wanted a lot of drugstore products that I wanted and products I want to avoid as my skin broke out before with some of these makeup products. So far, the maybelline foundation did not break me out but I will not be using this anymore after this. The eyeshadow palette and lipstick have been my go-to products lately and the mascara I will not repurchase as I do have other favorite drugstore mascaras. 

Overall this challenge gave me a reason to try out products I do want and never tried before. Because of budget limitations, I got to narrow down the products that I want to try out. I really focused on products that I hope to use even after the challenge and so it disappoints me the foundation was not for me. I will be keeping an eye on the next Maybelline 40%off Sale at RiteAid so I can get more lipsticks and mascaras I like from them. 

So will you be trying out this challenge with us? Don't forget to share us your gameplan, products used and the look you came up with. I would love to get more ideas on how I can use different products and how to shop within a budget!

DISCLOSURE: This is NOT a sponsored post or by RiteAid or any of the beauty products used for this look. All the products mentioned in this post were purchased using my own money.