December 6, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things Gift Guide Part2

So I have a few more that I want to share with you especially if you just need some last minute ones for your Secret Santa party or to stuff that stocking with! These are more random things compared to the first Gift Guide (here) with a GIVEAWAY! 

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Lip Tars & Stained Glosses
For the makeup lover who is into playing with his/her makeup OR to your eco-conscious, will only use cruelty-free, vegan friendly products friend. There are so many sets and tons of colors to choose from to create so many different looks!

Callanan PUFF Trooper Hat
If you're a dog owner or you know someone who is, you may know rain or shine or snow or freezing cold those fur babies need to be taken for their walk out. This is a nice nylon hat with warm fleece lining and faux fur trim. At least you are styling while staying warm during the harsh winter walks!

Anker Portable Phone Battery Charger
To that person who uses their phone 24/7 for work, home, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, Facebook, Pinterest, e-mails, Facetime and all the other hundreds of thousands other apps they use every single day. This is a great quick charge to give you a few more hours until you get to a plug or your desktop! It's travel friendly and pretty affordable!
of course I got mine in Gold! 

I just got this recently since I use my phone a lot for pictures, emails and Social Media, and this lipstick-size phone charger is great for another charge to last me a few more hours. It comes in different colors as well!

Indigena Skincare Blueberry Bliss Sugar Scrub
For the girl who already has everything OR to your workaholic friend OR to that tough boss. This sugar scrub is a nice ME-time for the busy people in your life. All made with natural ingredients and botanicals that are harvested in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada! Very unique but will be well-loved I think.

Does it help that this is hubby-approved as well? This leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft and non-greasy but well moisturized from the coconut oil in the scrub.

Metallic Temporary Tattoos
TJ Maxx, Rickys NYC and any Beauty Supply Store
Such fun stocking stuffers! This has been such a top trend this year that this was out of stock all over the city during Halloween. I just love how playful this is to add to an outfit!
Google Images

RealTechniques Brushes
Very affordable and very great quality makeup brushes. Youtube Vloggers and Makeup-Artists, Samantha and Nicola Chapman launched RealTechniques back in 2011. These brushes can be found in a lot of drugstores and beauty stores.

I share to you what I love because I have used them and know their great quality. There are more products and sets out there that are really great for gift giving that I can suggest those to you too but isn't that why they packaged it as gifts, so to give it out as-is?!? If you want to be creative and you love to give a smorgasburg of things, I hope this helps and give you ideas that you can build your own gift sets! Organize your budget and get that creative juices flowing! Now who wants to wrap up some gifts?!? 

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