February 14, 2014

Review: OPI Gwen Stefani Signature Shade "Over & Over A-Gwen" Kit

On this day of Hearts, let's take a look at this limited edition kit by OPI,
Gwen Stefani's Signature Shade "Over & Over A-Gwen"

I am not the type that will run to the store and get these limited edition, celebrity collaboration shades and kits but when I found out Gwen Stefani is sharing us her signature red polish shade - I knew I had to get it! And who do not love her?!? She is beautiful, has the confidence I wish I have and a talent I also dream I do have. 
Anyways, this kit I purchased through Ulta.com, which is luckily still available here: 

This kit comes with:

  • .5 fl. oz. Nail Lacquer - Over & Over A-Gwen (ravishing red)
  • .07 oz. Nail Glue
  • Sheet of Swarovski Elements studs and crystals
  • Information sheet

I will definitely wear this on it's own but for Valentine's Day I have done an easy nail art with the included studs in the kit!

All you need are the following:
  • OPI Nail lacquer in Over&Over A-Gwen
  • Swarovski Studs + OPI nail glue that came in the kit
  • another polish color of your choice to do the nail art: hearts
  • Julep nail polish: Love (or any glitter polish you'd like)
  • dotting tool and/or toothpick
  • base and top coats

Nail Art How-to:
  • after applying your base coat, apply 2 coats of OPI Over&Over A-Gwen polish on all nails
  • for the ring and pointer finger:
    • apply two dots side by side with your dotting tool
    • and with a pointier tip or a toothpick, draw a line from the two dots downward (towards you) in an angle, to make the "tail"of the heart. As you do this, a tiny bit of the red polish will also get dragged, hence my heart looks two-toned color.
    • fix this to your liking and then you can do the same thing above it but this time making the "tail" of the heart pointing outwards.
    • Now get your nail glue and follow the instructions that the kit came with on how to apply the studs and put them on the two fingers with the hearts. 
    • For this nail art, I chose the small gold rounded studs to apply on my nails.
    • After a minute or two, apply your top coat to seal everything in!
  • For the rest of my fingers, I just applied one coat of the Julep nail polish glitter in Love. You can leave out the glitter if you like.
  • Then apply your top coat to the rest of the nails.
And we're done! This is really easy and I had a shaky hand too! If you want to make your hearts bigger, just use a bigger size dotting tool. 

My Verdict:
  • I can wear this polish on it's own any time of the year! It is this beautiful red that will just match any outfits! 
  • I have not worn this studded nails of mine long enough to let you know if my studs came off right away or lasted through my dish washing, rummaging through my purse and all that.
    • I will either update you here or on my Instagram account, look for the picture above and I may just leave a comment on it.
    • UPDATE 2/18/2014: one stud on my right hand came off after three days of wear. I won't blame the glue since the past three days I've been wearing it, I have been washing dishes without gloves, did laundry and all those hand washing in between all weekend so you can just imagine how strong the nail glue is if I was on vacation and not doing a lot of stuff with my hands hehehe!
So if you are looking for that true red nail polish color, this is it! I think this will look good on any skin tones! I am not super fair skinned like Gwen Stefani, I have medium tanned skin tone and you can see in the pictures... It's a very pretty polish! 

I hope you are all having a great Valentine's Day and to those who have Monday off for President's Day - Happy Valentine's Weekend! 

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