August 28, 2013

ftc Top 10 Beauty Wish List

So I have made a Beauty Wish List since I can't buy anything for two more weeks.
Check out my post about my No Buy Beauty Challenge here: 

I even have a different wish list for IMATS 2014! We will talk about that next time hehehe. Since I just started getting into beauty recently, thanks to all d beauty blogs I read, Ipsy monthly bag and YouTube beauty gurus, my makeup collection is getting big but I still don't have a lot of what most have such as UD Naked palettes, Sigma brushes, NARS or any MAC makeup.  So this list is pretty long and just keeps growing! But I will just give you my top 10. No particular order on what I will get first but these are the 10 beauty products I would like to have now... Not all at once! Either before the year ends or before next Summer!

10- NuMe Curling Wand: I have been eyeing these wands since I got a discount coupon from an Ipsy bag. I do keep seeing a lot of discount codes for this site tho so there will never be a time that these products will be bought on full price! I never own a curling wand ever before but watching enough hair curling tutorials have enticed me to start practicing my "curling skills". But now I have such a hard time picking which one to get!

9- Sigma Travel Kit- Mrs. Bunny: I have added this on my Amazon Wish List as well but if the Sigma site has a better discount, I will get it from there. I already have bought the Sigma Brush, F80, a flat top kabuki brush which I am soo in-love with! My foundation goes on pretty evenly and cuts my buffing time in half! This kit seems to be a good way to test out some more eye and face brushes.

8- LORAC Pro Palette: Through the Viggle app, that gives rewards for watching TV, I am able to redeem it for Sephora gift cards! I will never buy anything from Sephora full priced ever! So once I am able to redeem another Sephora gift card, I will get this palette! 

7- Michael Todd Skincare Line: I have been seeing this skin care line in the YouTube beauty channels and have always been curious how it is. Thanks to Ipsy I was able to test out one of their products and I can't wait to try more from this line. I hate it that I can only buy this online and not sold at Whole Foods or any drugstore or Sephora or Ulta. Hopefully they are working on that for the future.

6-  NYX Butter Gloss: I am not sure which shades or how many do I want to try out right now but I know for sure I will be heading straight to NYX aisle at Ulta and grab me some!

5- Emma Jean Cosmetics: two words --> scented polish! 

4- Yves Saint Lauren Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Lipstick: I just want one. I tested it out at Sephora and it goes on like buttah! It feels very moisturizing too and the color compliments my med-tan skin tone beautifully! The peachy-coral toned one wasn't too bright, so I got my eye on that one!

3- get a lip product from BITE Beauty Lip Lab: This pop-up shop from Bite opened up in SoHo here in New York this year, and I am not sure why I haven't ran to their store yet, but this is definitely in my check list. 
You basically make the lipstick shade of your dreams here and it's with all-natural product! You come in here with an idea and come out with the tube of your perfect lip color product!

OMG the possibilities are endless!!!
2- a haircut at a nice salon: I never had a go-to hairdresser ever! I have gone to different ones every year and either they leave the salon, it was pricey or I just didn't like how I was getting treated and my hair! I may be being super picky but I want to be pampered like a VIP, and I can only seem to find that at a fancy salon which I still am looking for too.

1- Hautelook: I have missed out on such great sales on Hautelook during this No Buy Beauty Challenge such as Eve Pearl, Stilla, Urban Decay and some pretty clothes and shoes, but I know those sales will be back just like how I see theBalm goes on Hautelook every few months! 

I have checked out the Marc Jacobs cosmetics line at Sephora a few weeks ago and I eventually would love to have the eyeshadow kit. Not anytime soon tho since it's a very pricey one! I am planning to check out Em Cosmetics once they open their own store here in NYC, which is rumored to open in October. 

I would love to check off my top 10 before I can go further buy other beauty products but I know that will not happen. No promises here but I will have more self-control since I have no room anyways in our house right now hehehe!

What are on your Beauty Wish List?

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