August 23, 2013

BaubleBar Pop-Up Shop Sample Sale Haul

*Hey guys sorry for such a super late post on my BaubleBar haul. Please believe me when I say this was all purchased before I started my No Buy Beauty Challenge, which you can read more here: No Buy Beauty Challenge Post 

 Over the Summer, BaubleBar, the online shopping site for affordable bling, opened a pop-up shop in SoHo here in New York City. So how am I suppose to just ignore that when every week they have different events going on and free Godiva cocktails on some nights?!?

I have even gotten my girl friends to go Bauble shopping with me, and I'm glad they do love the pieces they bought!
A few weeks ago unfortunately was their last day at the shop and for their last three days they had their Sample Sale.
Oh the madness that this did to my credit card! I am a happy camper though and went home with a few goodies at such amazing prices!
Read my first trip to this shop here:  BaubleBar Soho PopUp Shop + PopSugar Must Have July Box

I spent almost two hours in there, trying on necklaces, bangles, earrings, and editing my basket since I was not about to go over budget (I told myself I am going to spend less than $50 in here!), but I did go over since I couldn't let go of this amazing Animal Leopard Bangle ($15)! I call this one "Raaawr" bangle since he is so badass on my wrist! This reminds me of my cat, Wins, so I was not leaving the store without this.

Next were some statement necklaces ranging from $15-25. And since you can try on the necklaces and check yo' self out on one of the big standing mirrors on both corners of the store, I was trying every style I liked and thinking what outfits can I pair it with.

shop tip: I wore a black tank top that day and took off any necklaces and the pair of earrings I was wearing so I can focus on the pieces I was trying on. I even put my hair on a bun so it's not in the way of the clasp. Wear simple pieces of clothing when you know you are going to try a lot of stuff at a store, that way it's not too distracting to you or to your friend when your deciding on a piece!

Anyways let's look at what I ended up going home with!

Once you walk in, you grab your box to fill in with goodies and the first bin that you will see is the 2 for $10 bin. This has tons of different stud earrings! I only saw a lot of dainty stud earrings in this bin. So I chose this two: 

Pretty simple and can be worn everyday!

Besides the earrings bin were the $10 bracelet bins. This had the different wrap bracelets, from skulls to evil eyes and all those cute dainty bracelets they have! 
Next table were the $12-15 earrings and bangle size bracelets. These bins were also a smorgasbord of different gorgeous drop earrings, gems earrings and bigger stud ones.
Also a few necklaces were under the $15 section from long chains to colored spikes to neon brights and a few bib styled necklaces. They also have a few dainty necklaces. You can see from the picture below, the $20 section has more of their statement necklaces. There is also a small section of $25 necklaces that has the bigger statement, more bling-out necklaces, which I kinda just skimmed through. 

Okay now let's go to what I got! 
It's pretty overwhelming in there when you want to own it all! But I told myself to focus and "calm the heck down!"
I ended up with pieces I can wear all year long; pair it with day and night outfits and even to special occasions events! I went for more versatile pieces that I know is such a bargain with these prices. 

Let's start with my favorite piece from my haul! I tried to look up for this necklace on their website and I can't seem to find it anywhere! Their inventry changes I'm not sure how often. So when you do see something you like or want, grab it! That's another thing I like about Baublebar, their inventory changes so there will always be different "baubles" to drool at every time you visit the site. I call this my "golden fish bone" necklace ($15). It's probably hard to see in the picture, but this is a texturized metal almost like hammered shaped into this awesome spikes so it makes it feel very bad-ass, and I love that! In this picture, I just paired this with my... chambray shirt (?) - I'm not really sure if that's what you call it. Since the necklace makes a statement by itself, I thought this would be awesome to pair with solid colors, and I have tons of those in my closet! I was just wearing a black tank top at the Sale and it even looked good with that simple tank! And even on the form, here in the picture, just with the fitted white shirt - very "urban chic"- very much my style! 

sunburst bib
Next is this Sunburst Bib necklace ($20).  I picked this one up because I thought this is another great piece that can be worn to a fancy event or just a dinner out with the girls or hubby! This is definitely a night time piece because of how it sparkles when the light hits the gems in the necklace. Again, another great necklace that can be worn with a LBD or a fitted tank top or shirt! In the picture, I was styling it more for a Summer night out in town. *I would put more make-up on if I was really going out that night, so excuse my face in the pics if I look too...plain. I love how this necklace goes with the neckline of this top, but again you see how it looks great with a higher round neckline, like in the model form!

spring potpourri (white)

I have been seeing this Spring Potpourri necklace ($15) all over my Pinterest and Fashion blogs, and so I just had to have one. This is such a versatile piece actually. This can be worn day and at night time. As you can see here, I just wore it with a t-shirt and I think it makes me actually look put together! I actually have this in red too, and the necklace just pops and makes any look really....glammed up!

So that's what I ended up getting after editing my bin for like an hour! I know they are known for their colorful necklaces from jewel toned pieces to such bright neon necklaces and earrings, it was just not my style. I thought I would be bold and pick one but I was having a hard time how I would style it. I always think I can't pull off those awesome necklaces just like those Pinterest pictures and fashion bloggers do. Maybe next time! This girl can never have enough accessories so once I am done with my No Buy Beauty Challenge, I will take a quick gander on their website see what I have missed. 

If you guys are interested to sign-up with Baublebar, please use my referral link:


my referral code that can be entered when signing up: 19223820

. . .This will give me Vault Points which is their rewards points system. And once you start shopping and referring friends with your own referral link, you will be accumulating points that can be used for future Bauble shopping as well! Isn't that fun?!?

DISCLAIMER: All these stuff were purchased with my own money. I was not asked by BaubleBar at all to feature them on my blog nor asked to review any of their pieces. All the pictures used here are by own photo skills, none from their website nor by any professional photographer (Can't you tell from the bad lighting and angles?!?).

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