July 25, 2013

Top Three Tag

I have collaborated with two gorgeous ladies, Cynthia Del Rio from Cdel Beauty and Shalunya TheChronicBeauty from Shalunya & Boyet, to create the Top Three Tag!!! Basically just tell us about your top 3 in each of the topics below. 

"Top Three Tag" Rules
We'll keep this short and sweet. 

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1- Top 3 Lip products
Be it long wearing stain, super bold lipstick, ultra shiny gloss, what three shade specific products are the ones purchased time and again?

  •  Revlon Kissable Balm Stains: the only long-lasting lip products that is not drying to my lips. The colors are just gorgeous too!
  • fr TOP: Trail Blazer; Renegade; Rebel & Maverick
  •  BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie lipglosses: I bought this set from QVC and these glosses are non-sticky, pretty pigmented. Definitely can be worn by itself or a lip liner underneath. Love the tingly sensation every time I put this on too!  
  •  Josie Maran Argan Balm: My HG lip balm! I have been using this since I bought it in Feb-Mar and look how I still have more than half of this tin! Not only this is hydrating my lips every night but I also put some on my eyelashes before bed!  

2- Top 3 Hair Products
Do you rely on an expensive finishing spray, a drugstore conditioner or DIY mask for silky, health, shiny tresses?

  • Clear Scalp Therapy (1)Shampoo & (2) Conditioner: This has just been so nice to my scalp and has kept my hair looking so lush, shiny and healthy! 

  • Nume Finishing Serum: This is a great pick-me-up when my hair is looking dull. It gives the shine and tames my frizzy ends pretty well!  
I got this from my Ipsy March 2013 Glambag

3- Top 3 High End Products
Have you ever crossed your fingers, opened your wallet and discovered a holy grail product? Please tell us what you would recommend we splurge on.

  • Benefit They're Real Mascara: I hate wearing false lashes and this gives me the nice long, wide-awake lashes I want. And no spidery lashes either! 
  • Josie Maran Pure 100% Argan Oil: This is my HG face moisturizer! I put this on and this just keeps my skin feeling hydrated. I dab it around my cheekbones to get a nice dewy look.

  • BareMinerals Mineral Foundation: I've tried drugstores and samples at Sephora of other foundations and nothing seems to make my skin look as nice as my BM! It's light and does not give me that cakey look. Definitely my HG foundation!

4- Top 3 At home beauty treatments
Divulge your secrets.  Do you slather on ultra rich creams, don strange masks, or create your own scrubs; tell us we're dying to know?

  • After reading on the health benefits of lemons, I came across a YouTube video and articles on how lemons are great deodorants! After putting this to the test for a week now, I can truly say I agree to this statement! It's actually better than my Secret Clinical Strength deodorant! Plus it suppose to whiten your underarm too so I am stocking up on lemons here!
  • Aloe Vera plant: We buy ours at an asian market and they would sell this per "leaf". The clear gelatin meat of this cactus-like long "leaf" is great to use as a hair mask; on sun burnt skin; a cut OR in a drink (though I have never tasted it but my Mom-in-law likes it!). This is a great all-over natural first aid to have around the house.  
  • After a sweaty work out I love to have a wet towelette to just get a quick refresher before I take a shower later (after I take the dog out for his afternoon walk/play). What I use is my Witch Hazel Toner + Paper towel cut in halves in a ziplock! to make my own wet towelettes! Not only it refreshes me but cleans all that nasty sweat all over my face and chest!  

5- Top 3 Eye shadow palettes
Beauty knows no limits but your stash can only hold three palettes. Chose wisely.

  • theBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude: love this palette for a quick daytime look!

  • theBalm Nude 'tude: This is my very first eye shadow palette, and I do still grab this once in a while. I use the matte black and brown to line and the lighter shadows for highlighting and in the inner corner of my eyes.
  • Unfortunately I don't have a third fave! I may have other palettes in my small makeup collection but I am really not in-love with them as I am with my theBalm palettes. 

6- Top 3 Makeup discoveries
Did you know that tightlining is the best way to deepen a smokey eye or that tea bag is the best remedy for depuffing your eyes?  We all want to look fabulous, so tell us your your best discoveries.

    • I use my JM Argan Balm to remove my waterproof eye makeup and this works great! You can use any balm like Vaseline Petroleum Jelly or that lip balm you are not using (just make sure it is not minty or flavored to avoid any eye irritations!). Massage it and wash off or wipe off with a cotton pad! No rubbing required! 
    • Baby wipes are the best make-up remover wipes! It's cheaper and less irritating than those annoying scented wipes advertised as gentle wipes! If this is gentle enough for a baby's bum, then it will be as gentle to my sensitive skin!
    • A cat eye look never fails my round eyes: Winging out my liner every time elongates my round eyes. Did you know Angelina Jolie has round eyes? No, because she always wings out her liner so it always looks "catty" and sexy! 

    7- Top 3 Nail polishes
    What do your phalanges fancy? A bright fuschia, a subtle neutral, or royal purple.  Glitter, cream or shimmer finish?

    • Butter London in Yummy Mummy: is my go-to nude shade. It's skin tone color with a little gold sparkles in it so it doesn't look flat at all.
    • Butter London in Jasper: This is my favorite bright color to wear. I would wear this all year long!
    • Orly in Rage: This metallic rose gold nail polish is just so pretty! To use as an accent nail or on my toes, it is the perfect pink-metallic polish. A nice break from my gold, bronzey metallic polishes.

    8- Top 3 Long bath/shower products
    When you've had a hard day at the office, need time away from the kids, or just need to luxuriate, what products join ducky and you in the tub?

    • my fluffy Loofah:  I always have this in my shower! Love how this makes me feel I have removed all the pollution from the commute home off of my body!
    • Organix Body Wash in Coconut: This just takes me back to Hawaii; poolside or snorkeling with the Honus (sea turtles). 
    • Fresh Sugar Body Scrub: Once a week I would use this to further exfoliate all the dead skin and dirt from outside. This is great to use too before shaving my legs and armpits since it leaves a nice oil on the skin, razors goes on smooth; no cuts or bumps!

    9-Top 3 Drugstore Heroes
    We all have heard about NYC's Bronzer in Sunny and Maybelline's Color Tattoos.  What other drugstore gems have you discovered that we should know about?
    • Nivea Creme tins for 99c: I have this in every purse just like how I have a lip balm in every makeup bag! It's cheap, flat and tiny to just slide in any pocket for a quick touch-ups on dry hands, knees, toes or heel!
    • Ecotools Travel pack makeup brush set: These are the brushes I use for my neutral eye look. When I don't feel like playing with color today or I'm in a hurry, I bust this set out and a palette, and I will be done in 10mins! The brushes are so soft, and I don't need to look around for the next brush to use since it's right here on this set! This is definitely a great set for travelling or like me for a particular go-to eye look.
    • Maybelline Color Tattoos: I need more of this color tattoos since they really do save time when you're in a rush. This stays put all day and no creasing at all! These are also great to use as a base for powder shadows.

    10- Top 3 Worst Beauty Purchases
    Ever fallen victim to the hype of the latest beauty product only to get it home and have it do nothing for you? What products would you skip if you could do it all again.
    • Maybelline FitMe foundation: I tried this when it came out last year and I had to return it the next day since it just made my face look greasy. Not dewy but literally oily all-over! Very traumatizing so I have never tried this out again even if other bloggers swear by it.
    • ConAir hair dryers: If you have read my "7 Deadly Sins Tag" post (here) I mentioned how the drugstore dryers don't last on me so I invested on a high-end one. I don't drop them that it breaks easy on me. I just use it to quickly dry my hair not even for styling and it breaks after a few months use! 
    • Almay Smart Shade Foundation: I used to love this as my drugstore foundation since I don't have to try and match a shade but after seeing photos of me, OMG! This gave me a white cast and made me look like I was trying to look pale! Tip: Do a flash photo check with your foundation before sticking to it!

    Phew! That was a long one but hope you enjoyed my top three beauty products!
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