July 9, 2013

April 2013 Beauty Army

I am just posting this review now because I want to use this more than once to give you a very in-depth review of the set and see how I really feel about it, and not just my first impression. So for my April 2013 Beauty Army box, they gave me the choice of picking my 6 out of 9 samples as usual OR the Acquarella Nail Detox Kit. . . I chose the latter and I'm happy about it! 

Quick info. . .
BeautyArmy is another beauty box subscription, but with this company you are able to choose your 6 samples out of 9 mix of deluxe samples and full size products after answering the beauty quiz in the beginning. If you do not like your selection for the month, you can retake your quiz OR skip the month OR let them choose the 6 samples for you, if you'd like to be surprised on what you're getting that month.
They also have contests, promo codes and badges you earn in their website as you review products and refer people to them. I have only been a member since March and have only skipped one month, and so far. . .I am liking the samples I have chosen myself. 

Now onto the box!

Acquarella Nail Detox Kit

This kit includes: 

- 3 Way File Shaped Buffer for better surface preparation of the nail
- Ultra Buffer (Pink/Purple) promotes better adhesion of Acquarella Nail Polish 

- Cuticle Stick great for gentle removal of polish, pushback of cuticles and cleaning 
- Conditioner to help strengthen and moisturize nails 

- Remover to leave your nails squeaky clean and ready for application

It's not like my ever expanding collection of nail polishes and tools need anymore stuff, but what kind of girl am I to say NO to a collection that is water based and will detox my nails from all chemicals?!? 
Can I not be any prouder that this cruelty free brand is MADE in U.S.A! It's non-toxic and for a nail polish-holic like me their water based nail products is something I definitely need to try, and safe to use around my pets who have stronger smell sensor than we do.
So it's been almost three months since I have gotten this kit. I have used it twice a month since May and I am super impressed of what this had done to my nails!

I followed the instructions in the card, and have been doing it before going to bed.

it came in this ziplock bag and I do still keep everything in it until now to keep them all together

My nails were not that bad before I started doing this detox kit, that's why I don't have a before picture here. My only problem was how I could not grow my nails long enough anymore because they easily chip! I would file it square, oval or mixed every 2 weeks and no matter technique I use, it chipped so easily! Just by using my nails to take off sticky labels on my UPS boxes, I see it starting to chip on the side of my nails. 

After using this kit twice in a month, I have noticed how my nails have grown stronger! Still picking on sticky labels on my newly bought make-up products, moving couches and chairs to vacuum around the room and carrying heavy grocery bags - and no chipping of nails at all! Instead of cutting my nails on week 2, I decided to wait another week and see if my nails will last. And just check out the picture below! Look how long my nails are and I have no chipping on my nails at all! I still am doing my usual stuff around the house and they are growing strong! I am on week 4 now and I will cut them at the end of the week since I have not seen my nails this long for a while now!

My nails on night 3 with the Aquarealla conditioner. It leaves a nice shine on the nails so I don't feel bad going out without polish on!

I am not sure if it also helped to keep my cuticles moisturized or me always lathering up my hands with lotion but my cuticles have been looking healthy as well. I truly, truly highly recommend this kit if you are a BeautyArmy subscriber! This is so worth the $12 because of the result you get!

If you are interested to join BeautyArmy, here's my referral link: https://beautyarmy.com/account/registration/?referral_id=493595265f0edd4fa638f73104ff2b59

disclaimer: I joined BeautyArmy with my own money, and is not paid or asked by BeautyArmy to promote their company. These are my own personal opinions on the boxes I received and no one elses.

And here's a nail art I did after I finished my nail detox the past weekend!

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