June 23, 2013

DIY: Interchangeable iPhone covers!

I get bored a lot with my iPhone case that I had five iPhone cases for my previous one! With such cheap, cute cases out there I get tempted so easily. I am sure I am not the only one here, riight?!? When I upgraded last year I wanted to challenge myself not to go iPhone case shopping buckwild again since those $5-$15 case here and there adds up, and so I went online and searched for some inspirations when I stumbled into some DIY phone cover cases on YouTube! I am not sure why I have not thought of it before but this surely have saved me a lot of money and if you are like me then this DIY is for you! 

All you need are the following:
  • A clear iPhone case: I got mine from Amazon and it was the cheapest then. You can use any clear case you like. You can check mine by clicking, here.
  • pencil *colored pencil if you have so it's easily visible with a paper with busy patterns on it 
  • scissors
  • box cutter/razor, if you have. No need to go buy one if you don't.
  • Pieces of paper with pictures or patterns of your liking! What ever you want to "dress" that phone with! Get wild, go pretty and bold! I used pictures and patterns from fashion magazines for mine.

Now let's start with this super easy DIY!!!

    1. Get your paper, pencil and iPhone case. Trace the shape of your case.

I chose this picture because those eyes are just gorgeous! *Eye make-up inspiration!

    2. Start cutting your outline. This will not fit right away since the outline is the same size as the case. The paper has to be a little bit smaller to make it fit inside the case. To get to this size you will need to trim all around as thin as possible, and keep repeating this until the desired fit. Be patient since we don't want it ending up too small for the case. If you can trim with one smooth cut all around would be great, but going one side at a time is ok too.

      3. Now we have to cut out a hole for our camera. Trace the shape of the camera hole on the case and try cutting this out with the box cutter. If you don't have a box cutter or any razor to do this part, you can use a smaller scissors . Punch a small hole by your outline, a hole big enough to get the small scissors fit so you can start cutting your shape. Once you are done with your hole, check how it matches with your case.

     4. Tada! We are done! As you can see mine is not perfect around the camera hole which can be cleaned still. It's just paper so with my pointy nail or a cuticle pusher (the wood stick is preferred to not scratch the phone), I just try to push it in to have a cleaner look to it.

And I am not done, it kinda gets addicting once you start. The only thing is my Poetic case is a little hard to take off and on, so I can't quickly change up my covers the last minute. This one has a snug fit to the phone (but I like it that way), just a little fyi for you if you're shopping for a clear phone case. 

Another reason that my husband made me realize recently is by "dressing" your phone, you are able to pick out your phone from a sea of iPhone in a crowd if you accidentally left it at a table in a party or if you and your hubby has the same phone! Or you had to check it in with security (like at a courthouse!), you can easily see he did hand you the right phone instead of walking out with someone else's.

I made another DIY for an iPhone case earlier this year called DIY Glittery iPhone Case, click HERE! if you haven't seen it!
 Since I got a free case from somewhere and had glitter and Mod Podge to experiment with, I made myself a nice glittered phone case! Those can go for so much at stores so I am really happy with my DIY and saved tons of money with it! Go check it out!

Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy DIY and hopefully it has inspired you to start your own DIY projects!

My polka dot cover was from a magazine ad cover!!!


  1. Great DIY, I am particular about how things look, I like pretty things and I have a difficult time finding a case I like so this is a great idea. I have a Blackberry (which I detest) but I am getting the S4 soon. Not sure what the cases are like but I want to try this.

  2. thanks! OOoh nice an S4! glad u like the DIY =)

  3. This is a really clever DIY! I don't have a case for my phone (it's a samsung) but someday I'll hopefully get an iphone. I love the customization of this one and how you're not stuck with one thing!


  4. and its so wallet friendly! thats my favorite part :)

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