April 29, 2013

josie maran 5 pc nourishing care package review

After trying out Josie Maran's 100% Pure Argan Oil from my January Ipsy Bag, I just had to buy a full size of it! I use it as my skin moisturizer and it helped with my dry skin, and leaves my skin soft and glowing, and not greasy feeling at all!
Unfortunately, the discount Ipsy gave us for the brand expired at the end of the month so I searched and looked online how else can I get this product at a discount since paying $48 is a little hefty from my pocket! Excitingly QVC sells her brand and she was scheduled to go on TV that coming weekend!

By the way, QVC has been added to my go-to sites now to buy beauty products at a good discount. After watching the show which she featured the package I bought and a few more, now I understand why QVC is a great shopping site! 
*sidenote: I recently bought more beauty products from QVC when they had "Beauty with Benefits" program going on last Thursday, April 25th. The products purchased at the show will donate part of its profits to the Cancer and Careers program. For short, it's beauty for a cause! They have great discounts once in a while, so check QVC out and see if they have the beauty brands you like, besides looking at kitchen tools, tech gadgets, some jewelry and handbags.

Okay, so here's what I purchased from her program. Unfortunately this package is not available anymore at the website. I'm not sure how QVC works but maybe she will feature it again sometime..soon(?)
This is her 5 piece Nourishing Care Package which was priced at $76.96 + tax and s&h = $92.20. During the show she offered 2-easy payments on it. Basically I paid $46.10 + s&h that day then the next month they charged my account the rest of it. I know it sounds pretty hefty for the price, but just that bottle alone if I buy it at Sephora would have cost me half the price of this box! Later I will give you a price for each product if bought individually. So this box includes a 1.7fl oz 100% Pure Argan Oil, 8fl oz Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter in Lavender Citrus, 4.6oz Argan Balm and two 021 oz Argan Color Stick in Rosey and Ternderheart.

Nourishing Argan Care Package

here's how it was packaged inside which was nice and tight!
Let me include the quote at the back of the box from Josie Maran, which I think is just sweet and thoughtful:

"I love getting care package full of thoughtful treats from friends and family. So I created an Argan Oil care package for you, with everything you need to nourish your skin from head to toe, plus some color for your cheeks and lips. When I say 'care,' I mean it: these Argan goodies are made with care for you and your body."   with love, Josie

Since I raved this 100% Pure Argan Oil so much on my other reviews, all I'm going to say here is how magical this oil is to my skin! I have not seen my skin look so healthy, though not acne free when I get my monthly hormonal breakouts my skin still feels so hydrated and glowing! 
Try it out and see if your skin agrees with me!
So this large bottle retails for $48 at Josie Maran's website, QVC and Sephora. Like I said earlier, that's already the price I paid for half of the box. Now let's see what else came in this box shall we?!

Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter in Lavender Citrus
This retails for $35 on her website, here
"This precious, rare oil is spun into a unique creamy butter to easily revitalize skin and restore softness while improving skin's texture." as how Josie Maran's site describes this body butter.
This body butter smells so, so, so good like a freshly baked lemon cake! It's not overly sweet but just enough scent to it that I couldn't just stop applying this all over my body! This melts like oil as you apply it on and it does not feel greasy at all. My skin feels great after using this for a while now, as in no dry elbows or no dry skin at all after doing the "scratch test", as I call it (scratch part of your arm or legs, and if a white line comes out then you got dry skin).
I also use this on my husband's feet since he have the driest heels I have seen and it will probably just gets worst when sandal season comes! And now after two months of foot rubs, he has better looking feet than I do! They're softer and healthier looking than before. Ready for Summer sandal season!

Argan Balm
This retails for $42!
According to their site, "Argan Balm creates a protective barrier to seal in hydration and leaves the skin softer and more supple."

I use this balm mostly on my lips and around my eyes. I used to put it on my cuticles before bed and I didn't see any improvements but I find the best way to treat my stubborn dry hands were with lotion every time after washing my hands! I also apply this on my eyelashes and they look longer, thicker and fuller! My lips have never been better either! I apply this at night and before wearing any lipstick or lip stain and I actually have not used my lip scrub for a while now! This has really kept my lips pretty hydrated and protected. This huge tin will last me forever! I will not have to buy a lip balm for a long time! 

Argan Color Stick in Rosey and Tenderheart
This retails for $22 each
*Rosey seems to be still available on her website, but I don't see Tenderheart anymore

Left: Rosey, Tenderheart on the Right

Left: Rosey (dark mauve color), Tenderheart (peach-y tint)
These sheer color tints for lips and cheeks goes on pretty smooth and sheer. It's pretty sheer on my skin tone and the swatch above is a few swipes of the tube. Just like any other color stick, it will feel greasy at first but this one is made of Argan oil so no worries here! I have stayed away from creamy blushes because of the oil breaks me out. This one is pretty good on my cheeks! It does give me that natural blush on my cheeks which is awesome for a natural look! I have not used this on my lips since I have tons of other lip products I want to wear, and knowing it's sheer it's probably not going to be visible on my dark pigmented lips. 

*Sorry for having no selfie pictures...I am not good at taking selfie pictures and just uncomfortable doing it, but I promise I will give you guys pictures soon!!!

So if you total all these products, it comes out to $169 + tax + s&h!!!

Now it looks like such a bargain isn't it?!? Just be aware QVC can be addicting so try to look away and just say "NO!" to yourself when you know you really don't NEED that eyeliner or blush or eye shadow! When you just "WANT" it, look away! QVC will get you in trouble!

Anyways,I am addicted with Josie Maran's products! It's pretty worth the price for the results you get after using her products! Even my husband who hates lotion on his skin don't mind putting this on his arms and legs either! What else can you ask for to a company that's paraben-, cruelty-free, organic argan oil, natural ingredients, toxin free, recyclable, organic ingredients and no synthetic fragrance!!! I will definitely keep this brand on my must-haves and will keep trying her other products!


  1. I love products with argan in them! I am actually going to do a blog review on this Italian line of hair care products called Pearl of Argan but that may not be until after my trip.

    I buy the pure argan oil from this website that sells oils and botanicals and use it for my hair and body. I haven't seen these products yet so I will be checking them out.

    1. Oooh sounds exciting! looking forward to that review and enjoy your trip!

  2. Great post:) I really wish Josie Maran profucts were available in london. Everyone raves about her products and I really want to try her argan oil.

    1. I'm sure she's working on that =) She has become such a great success here, I'm sure she would want to take her brand internationally soon!

  3. I love Josie Maran everything! Great blog! New follower!

    1. Thank you! and thanks for following, just followed back too =)