April 9, 2013

April 2013 Ipsy/ MyGlam Bag: First Impression

update: By the way ladies, Ipsy has started charging taxes in the state of NY, California and North California, and to quote from the email I received:
" Because we now have operations in the state of New York (in addition to California and North Carolina), subscribers in this state will be impacted going forward. "
I checked my account and they have charged me $10.89. It's still cheaper than the other beauty box subscriptions out there so I really don't know what others are fussing about with this .89 cents increase.

And another month has passed and a new Ipsy bag has come!
The April month's theme is "Pretty In Pink" and from what I see in my bag, most of the makeup  products in it are in the Pink family shade. Of course, except for the haircare product I got, but everything else in it are all Pink!
I have no complains since now I have more awesome makeup to add to my collection!
Ok no more delays, here's what I got:

April 2013 Ipsy Bag
The products that are in the box packaging are full size!

Let's talk about this cute bag first. So the outside is made of white fabric with a bright pink trim and zipper. Open it and the lining is pretty adorable with pink and white stripes with the "Ipsy beauty by you" printed all around too. Apologies for the picture, I was using natural sun light and this came out pretty bright and does not do justice to how cute the pink-awesomeness of this bag. I am not hating the pink overload here since this really brightens up my very dull black colored everyday bag. Great way to start Spring isn't it?

1- Be A Bombshell "Beach Please" Blush ($16): This is a full size blush pan, that just paid for the bag! This looks so bright on the pan. It goes on pretty bright too if you are not light with your application so start with a little bit and build it up. 
About it's packaging, I love that logo on the case. It has that sexy retro-badass look to it! Unfortunately the case feels like its cheaply made. It's all made of plastic, feels very light and if dropped, it will probably break that nice pink blush. I had a hard time opening it at first, but I'll just take that as a good sign of tight sealed packaging. Hopefully it loosens up as it gets opened more often. Another con to this brand is that this has methyl- and propyl-paraben in it used as a preservative for longer shelf life, but it has also known to be linked with cancer (still not proven 100% though), and hormone disruptions, which is a no-no in my makeup list. I might just have to use this once a week or somethingso not to waste that nice pink color it will give my cheeks, as long as I don't start breaking out. 

2- Big Sexy Hair Powder Play:  This is a volumizing and texturizing powder sample size. Check out that cute star cut-out. Wonder if the full size bottle has a cute cut-out too?!? I have only owned the Healthy Sexy Hair with Soy Shampoo and Conditioner (which I like but not my favorite), and have received a sample of the Big Sexy Hair hairspray from a previous Ipsy glambag (still sitting on my dresser unused). I have read and seen on Youtube rave reviews on this brand. Very excited to try this out since my hair do go flat at the end of the day with all the pollution and heat. This size is just perfect for me to carry around and do touch-ups in the middle of the day or something. Updates in a few weeks!

how cute is that cut-out!?!

3- Miss Professional Nail (Sation Nail Lacquer in "Of Corset I'll Call You") [$5]:

This nail lacquer is DBP, Toluene or Formaldehyde Free which is so awesome! These chemicals can damage your health and irritate your skin!*for more info please click here: Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. Plus! No yellow stained nails for me and safe for my pets when they smell it while I do my mani/pedi at home. Once I get this on my nails, I will post it on my Instagram here: _j4ckie_ (follow at your own risk! hehehe)

*4/15/2013: This polish reminds me of that Barbie Pink shade. I love the brush on this since with just one swipe it covers my whole nail! I had to do three coats though to reach the opacity in the picture below. This goes on very smoothly, I didn't see any streaks with this one at all! I used a base and top coat with this and they still look pretty awesome after a few days now!
I'm definitely gonna be checking out the site for more polish from this brand. Plus you can't go wrong with $5/polish + Ipsy's discount code! (20% off with purchase!)

"Of Corset I'll Call You!" by Miss Professional Nail
I couldn't help but do some nail art with this cute pink polish!

4- Two Cosmetics Duo Eye Shadow in Heartache ($6.99):  This eye shadow comes with one side being shimmery and the other side being matte which looks very pretty to wear during Spring/Summer season. I still gotta play with it. I literally just got this yesterday so just wait for updates!
I have only swatched this product (picture below) and I had to use a primer to get the color stick to my hand. I usually put an eye primer anyways before putting my eye make-up but if you're not, you might need to when using this eye shadow. 

from LEFT: Be a Bombshell Blush, MIDDLE (shimmery) and RIGHT (matte) eye shadow

Overall first impression for April's bag is. . .pretty impressive! I am liking all the products featured here. There's more make-up products with this month's bag than last month's, which isn't that bad at all but yes I would rather get a lot of make-up products to try from brands that I have not heard of. And I am really glad to see Ipsy venturing out to the brands that are promoting more natural ingredients and paraben-, cruelty-,  free products! 

*Don't forget to click on the product names above to link you to the Ipsy page with the discount codes! 


  1. Great review! My bag should be here soon, I'm pretty sure I'm getting the powder play (meh), but I'm totally excited to see what eyeshadow and nail polish I get! After seeing this, I'm hoping for the duo eyeshadow, the colors look amazing! <3

  2. thanks! i'm definitely gonna be wearing this makeup and the nail polish a lot for Spring =) can't wait to see your review!

  3. i didn't get a bag! I got the contents, but not the bag, lol.

    1. oh no! Better contact Ipsy. They have a really great customer service. I always get a reply back after 24hrs.

  4. Hey there! I love your blog, so I wanted to give you the Liebster Award!

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    Cookie <3

  5. nails are looking so nice and fun, like it a lot;)X


  6. great review!! I got my bag last night. I got the same as you except the hair product. They gave me healthy sexy hair. I'm excited to use my blush it is so cute. :)

    1. i'm loving the blush too hopefully it don't break me out :)

  7. Oh girl, under your nail polish picture your caption reads "Of Course I'll Corset You!" by Miss Professional Nail LOL!! Oopsie!