January 18, 2018

Slowly but surely getting results with PMD Beauty

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Investing on really good skincare tools can get expensive, but it is an investment as in-time it will give you great looking skin!

Keep reading to see if the
PMD Personal Microderm is meant for you.

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The PMD Personal Microderm | $159.00 claims to give the same results as professional, in-office microdermabrasion treatment. I personally have not done a microdermabrasion procedure at a doctor's office but that sounds like a pretty huge claim for at-home skincare tool.

*use code PRIMP20 to get 20% off (excluding subscriptions and sale items)

This is a weekly treatment that will give you brighter, smoother looking skin. It will also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes and enlarged pores. I was really excited to know these would help with all the mentioned above since I have all those problems.

Unfortunately PMD Personal Microderm if not used properly may cause red marks and light scabbing. Definitely read the "PMD How To Guide" card included in the box before using this device since it can damage the skin. And if you are using chemical peels or products containing hydroxy acids, malic acid and lactic acid AND/OR retinoids or retin A ingredients, the PMD must NOT be used at the same time. This may cause the skin to be sensitive and use of the PMD isn't recommended. Consult your doctor or dermatologist if this device is suitable for you.

If you've been reading my blog I have been on oral acne medication, Spironolactone and on a prescription retinoid cream, Tazorac 0.05% which makes my skin overly dry and sensitive to a lot of skincare products. I surely did not consult my dermatologist either about me using this tool, but please please consult your doctor before trying the PMD!!! I chose to go ahead and test this tool out because I want to see if this will lighten the acne scars I have around my cheeks; tighten the pores around my nose and improve my skin's texture.

*use code PRIMP20 to get 20% off (excluding subscriptions and sale items)

For the first three weeks, I was using the white disc which is the ultra sensitive disc. I stopped using my retinoid cream for two days (PMD site suggest to stop it for a week before starting but I'm stubborn!) and my skin the next was drier than usual. I did get some redness which went away eventually. I continued to use it the next week, and the following week, and used the same skincare products I usually use.

I also wanted to mention, our faces aren't flat so when I was trying to move the device from the nose or from the chin towards the ears, in one motion, it was hard. I had to do shorter strokes around my face. This gliding motion may differ with every user but I just couldn't let this glide in one motion.

Afterwards, when I thought it's safe to continue with the grey disc which is the very sensitive disc, I started seeing little results on my skin. I haven't changed anything with the skincare products I used during the treatment and the texture of my skin do feel smoother. The acne scars around my cheeks were starting to lighten up but really slowly. The dryness is still there so I started using two moisturizers. A hydrating moisturizer and sunscreen in the morning, and the same hydrating moisturizer with my night cream at night. That has help to keep my dryness in-control.

*we changed lightbulbs in-between the before and after pic that's why there's a difference on skin color.*
The "After" pic may look like not much has improved with my skin. You're right, my acne scars are still there but they're slightly faded now. The pores around my nose are still the same and I do still have the same fine lines and wrinkles. My skin do feel smoother though.

 Overall, my skin is still dry and the winter weather surely doesn't help. I will continue to use the PMD Personal Microderm, maybe every 10 days to two weeks with the grey disc and probably stick to that to not cause anymore harm to my skin. I did see my dermatologist during the time I was testing this and she actually thinks my skin looks great! I still didn't mention I'm using this because I know she will ask me to stop.

It may take me months to see better results like
Lily's | Beauty With Lily,
  Roxanne's | Glass of Glam and
Lacey's | The Glitter Gospel PMD reviews
because I definitely want to be careful with this. I'm not sure either if this tool will work better with their own brand of skincare products but I did not receive anything else but the tool to test so that's all I'm basing my results on.

Again if you want to try this tool out yourself use the
code: PRIMP20 to get 20%OFF your purchase on pmdbeauty.com

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