April 26, 2017

FLOWER Eyewear Spring 2017 Collection

"You're already beautiful, now let's play"
- Drew Barrymore, Creator/Designer
photo taken by: Rachman Photography

About the brand

FLOWER Eyewear is a fashionable and an affordable eyewear collection by Drew Barrymore. Each pair is designed to match today's trends, with a range of frames and colors to choose from.

FLOWER Beauty founder, Drew Barrymore, has continued her brand promise of "prestige at mass" by offering a selection of 36 prescription and sun frames at over 2,750 Walmart Vision Centers across the United States.

The stylish collection is available in 
sunglasses for $39.00 

optical lenses for $88.00 and readers for $19.94!

FUN FACT: These are personally designed by Drew, each style in the FLOWER Eyewear collection is named after one of Drew's movie character names, which include Charlie, Edie, Maggie and many more!


*All photos were taken by Rachman Photography. All information were provided for Press Release.

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