March 28, 2017

Confessions of a Beauty Blogger

I thought we take a break from all the product reviews and have an honest "conversation" here.
I have been blogging about beauty and fashion for years now. Since 2012 in fact, and you probably have thought...
"You must wear makeup everyday with all that products you have?"
"Do you really write about ALL the products you've used?"
"Do you even finish ALL those products?"
"What's so great about being a beauty blogger?"
Keep reading to see my
Confessions as a Beauty Blogger

1- I don't always wear make-up.
I'm a stay-at-home wife and I don't always wear make-up, hence my makeup reviews take a while. With skincare products, before I write my reviews about it, I try to use them more than 3-4 weeks to give my skin time to adjust to the products, only if I don't react badly to it by day two.

I may have gone to the drugstore or Dunkin' with a smokey eye, but I usually don't put makeup on when I'm just doing errands for the day. My makeup routine isn't very basic either, it's layers and layers of creams and powders so after a weekend or a few days of wearing makeup, I like to give my skin a break.

2- I don't share ALL the products I've used up and still using.
From the skincare and body products to the makeup products I use, not all make it to the blog. The sponsored products of course always gets posted but some of the products I have purchased OR were in gift bags from events, I either share some on my Instagram, and some just don't make it!

It's not because I don't want to write a negative review about the product, I prefer to share other products to review at that time. Products that's more exciting for me to talk about than those that were just OK or was just a sample that I won't be repurchasing or products that didn't really do anything for my skin. 

3- I've thrown out more expired products than using them to the last drop.
This sounds so wasteful, I know. I feel really bad when I don't finish the products but I don't want to risk it either since I do have sensitive skin. This year I told myself that I will go through my collection once a month to see if there are unused products that I can give to friends and family before it expires.

Mascaras seems to be the only one I do remember to change every three months.
Moisturizers that I have used and have forgotten are now being used as hand cream. I have one by my desk, one on my night stand and one in each of my handbag. On that note, I also should confess...

4- I'm using some makeup products that are beyond it's expiration dates.
I don't remember when I purchased that Marc Jacobs lip gloss but I love it and I will use it 'til the last drop! I may have eyeshadow palettes that were bought years ago that I still use. Blushes and highlighters, I can't seem to throw away yet since they have such cute packaging too.

It's a very bad habit but having spent so much money on these products, makes it harder to just throw it away. I have sold some on Poshmark but I do still have lots of makeup products that I do have a hard time departing with still.

5- My makeup skills and skincare routine are constantly changing.
Since I started blogging, I have learned tons of different ways of doing a smokey eye; different ways to apply a cream or liquid foundation; different techniques to contour or to do a winged liner! It's a never ending flow of information, and as I try these different ways I have learned which one suits my routine better.

I have been reading a lot more about skincare and have added more steps to my everyday AM and PM skincare routines because of this. I don't mind it because my skin is better than before!

The beauty industry is always growing and tons of different products are being made and launched everyday, so my routine will always be changing as well as I try these new products and ideas, and share this journey with you all!

I have more confessions to make but we'll discuss that next time.
 I may keep this as a blog series since I don't want this to be too long. Will this be a post you would like to read from time to time?

So what are some of your beauty confessions? Share some in the comments!

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