February 24, 2017

Artís brush Oval 7

Ever since the Artís brushes came out, I have always been wanting to try it out. How is the makeup application different from the makeup sponge and the usual makeup brush? Will this cut the time of my makeup application? What is so special about this brush that it is designed like a hair brush? But I couldn't get myself into spending that much money on it. Over the holidays, BeautyBar.com was having a 20% off site wide and that included the Artis brushes, and so here I am with the
Artís brush Oval 7
This is not a BeautyBar.com sponsored post by the way. I just want to give you my personal experience on this brush excluding all that design engineering and professional makeup talk. 

About the brand


Artís is the Latin word meaning: "skill, method, technique, conduct, character." 
Born from the realization that makeup brushes have never evolved from the watercolour paintbrushes they copy, Artís is dedicated to the creation of the modern cosmetic and makeup brush. Through inventing new orientations, methods, materials and designs, Artís enhances the application of cosmetic and makeup products not only for Professional Makeup Artists, but all Makeup Users.
Our brushes are never tested on animals and are cruelty free. We believe in this claim so much, we have a trademark "Animal-Free Beauty".

This is described as the "perfect size face brush".
It's great to apply foundation, blush, highlighting, bronzing and setting powders.

I particularly just use mine to apply foundation.

Artís brushes are made exclusively with CosmeFibre, a revolutionary engineered fibre made for applying cosmetic and makeup products.
From their YouTube videos on how to use these brushes, it's said to apply the foundation onto the face and starting from the center of the face, blend outwards with a gliding movement. 

My Thoughts

The Artís brush Oval 7 IS the perfect size for me to use to apply my foundation. I can easily use this to apply my blush and bronzer as well since the size fits perfectly on my cheek area. I only have one brush so I just use it for foundation. 
Artís also have other face brush sizes which are the Oval 6 - which I was going to get but it was sold out at the time, or the Oval 8 - which I think is too big for me. Without checking these out in-person at a store, I went with Oval 7 and I'm so happy I did. The dense CosmeFibre of this brush is so soft and feels really good on the skin as I blend my foundation.

Because of it's white rubber handle and my OCD to not get this dirty, I pump my foundation on the back of my right hand and dot it all over my face with my left hand. Hence my right hand is clean of any makeup product and easily grab the brush to blend the foundation out!

The handle and design of this brush is something that needs getting used to but after that, it's really easy to use. It does feel like I am using a hair brush on my face but it actually feels so comfortable to apply makeup. The gliding motion to blend the foundation gives less stress on my wrist since with a regular foundation brush, I do circular motions, and with a makeup sponge, a lot of bouncing motion to blend.

In regards to makeup time application I was very happy that this blended my foundation really well in half the time of a makeup sponge or a regular foundation brush. I was actually using this a lot during my busy NYFW schedule. I usually give myself an hour for makeup and surprisingly, I end up having enough time to do a nice eye makeup, and wing my liner!

When it came to what foundation to use this with, I find it best used with a liquid foundation (Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation). I tried using this with a cream foundation (NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint) but this applied better with a makeup sponge instead.

Overall, I am really happy to have splurged and purchased one of the Artís brushes. Even though I love how this applied my foundation and cut back my application time, I don't think it's something you NEED to get. This is more of something you'd WANT. 
The beauty blogger in me had too many questions about this brush and so I felt like that justifies my purchase, plus the discount on BeautyBar.com and Ebates! 

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