November 30, 2016

DIY Advent Calendar

In my search for what Beauty Advent Calendar to get for myself, I felt bad that I would be the only one opening a gift a day, and my husband don't have any. There weren't tons of Advent Calendars for men out there, and so I thought I will just make it myself. This
DIY Advent Calendar isn't just for the men in your life, make it for your children or Mom or best friend or for your niece! 

If you can't find the same materials from this DIY, I do hope you find inspiration to create your own Advent Calendar which is pretty fun!
At the end I'll give you some ideas on what to gift your hubby or boyfriend or brother or guy friends since men I think are the hardest to find gifts for, don't you agree? If not leave some suggestions on what to gift men in the comments below!

For the materials I used, I purchased everything at
I didn't purchased any of the items here in full price since they were on sale and Michael's had discount offers then. Always check for sales, coupon codes and offers before you do shop. Michael's always seem to have some discount offers all the time. Plus don't forget Ebates if you're shopping online!


This 12 drawstrings is my choice of "gift bags". It's your choice if you want to do a 12-day or 24-day Advent Calendar. I want to make a 24-day Advent calendar for him so I will be re-using these for day 13-24 hence the next item...

These cute little tags adds a nice touch besides the real reason of me not wanting to write on the bags so I can reuse it later.

To decorate my muslin bags, I grabbed some Holiday/Winter themed stickers:

Since this one is for my husband, who is not a fan of bright colors, I kept it simple and went with a white and silver color theme with a touch of a snowman for each bag.

So now you have all the materials, go have fun and design your bags!

Now here are my gift suggestions for the men in your life.
Some of the items here may be too personal for your men's taste, but I hope it gives you some idea on where to start. 
For hubby's advent calendar I chose some of the items on this list and will be getting some of his favorite candies/ snacks for the rest of my bags, so I don't go over budget. This is my first time having an advent calendar for the holidays and I think I may keep this as our yearly tradition since he surely deserves more than one gift as well.

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