February 17, 2016

NYFW Playlist

As the week of Fashion in New York winds down and of it goes to London; and as I try to organize, edit the hundreds and hundreds of pictures on my camera from NYFW I thought I would share you
My NYFW Playlist!

These are just a few songs that get me pumped up as I get dress (or as I stare at my closet and decide what to layer on for the weather!) and gather all my stuff (camera, wallet, phone, portable chargers, cable for the phone, cable for the camera, some makeup...) for a long day of shooting and running from one location to the next during NYFW.

*By the way, if you guys want to know what are my essential items OR my must have items during NYFW let me know and I will make a separate post on it!

I got this blog post idea from other bloggers who were sharing their playlists for when they're working out or relaxing or getting-ready for something, so I thought why not share my fashion-related music list with you guys!

!WARNING! This may cause you to walk/ strut like Tyra Banks or Naomi Campbell.
 It may also cause a big boost of energy and confidence!


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