April 27, 2015

hourglass modernist Infinity eyeshadow palette

I have been drooling over the Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette Collection when it came out earlier this year, so when I got a Sephora gift card to spend I did not hesitate. The only problem was which of the 7 Hourglass Modernist palette to get. After weeks of stalking pictures on the internet, Instagram and Pinterest, swatching each palette at the store I have decided to go neutral. I will be sharing you my thoughts on the
Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette in INFINITY

Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette
INFINITY | $58 at Sephora.com
This palette comes with 5 complementary shades of finely-milled formulated shadows. This palette comes with one shimmery shade located right in the middle, and the rest have a matte finish. This product is parabens-, pthalate- and sulfate-FREE!

Size comparison to the infamous Hourglass Ambient Palette this has a smaller packaging and product in it. 

Arm Swatch
The Infinity palette is a warm neutral palette.
L-R: warm ivory, dusty rose, bronzed mauve, cool taupe, dark cocoa
*For swatching and picture-taking purposes, this is a 2-3 times swiped of the eyeshadow to show the true color of each shade.

My Thoughts
This has become my go-to everyday palette since I got this a few weeks ago. The shadows are very pigmented and is very easy to blend. This is great to do a nice daytime smokey eye or a simple 1-shadow swipe on the lid with that bronzed mauve shadow. Wing out that eye line and then pair it with a pretty, bright lipstick and you are all set!
I do like that this is a very neutral palette, there is only one satin-shimmery textured shadow (bronzed mauve) in the Infinity palette and the rest are matte which makes it easy to combine with other eyeshadow shades or palettes in my collection.

Why did I go for a neutral palette when there are less expensive palettes out there that have the same shades as this? 
Yes, these shades are dupable BUT if I was going to splurge I wanted to make sure I will be using it a lot. I am not very adventurous with my eye looks (I am more of a lip-color adventurer) and I also weighed in on how can I use this with my other eyeshadow palettes, just like when I go buy clothes. I want to make sure I can wear it with the rest of what I have already.

One flaw I have on this palette is: Because of its finely-milled formula, it can get "powdery-messy" so I dip my brush gently onto the palette so not to get any powder residue to the rest of the shadows and end up with a muddy palette in the future. Tap off the excess after to get less fallout on the face.

So which palette would you get from this collection?
OR if you have a gift card to spend, would you splurge or use it to buy what you need?

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