February 6, 2015

my hair saviour !!!

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It has been a busy, a little bit stressful winter in my home, and my hair definitely got affected by it all. I have neglected to do some Tender-Loving-hairCare that it got to the point, my hairdresser told me I need a Keratin treatment as my hair was so brittle, frizzy and limp. I was not ready to sit in the salon for a treatment that I know will take hours and be very pricey! I usually try to resolve the issue with some at-home remedies first before I let a professional do it. So I was very excited when I received this,  

I sure forgot to take a "Before" picture so here's an "After" picture selfie!

About the Product
The 35.3 oz jar (which is double the size of the sample I received *see photo below*) retails for $14.99 on SallyBeauty.com. This is a deep hair care conditioning treatment with Vitamin E, that will restore shine, and keep hair shiny and soft. 
To use it: After you shampoo, take a good amount to apply on the hair. Massage it gently to spread out the product, and leave this for 25minutes under a shower cap or 15 minutes under a salon vaporizer. Rinse thoroughly, afterwards. This can also be used as your regular conditioner.

The Power of Brazilian Keratin

Keratin is a substance that reinforces the structure of the hair, increasing shine and leaving hair healthy, manageable and soft to the touch. The Brazilian Keratin is a hydrolyzed, which guarantees fast absorption by the hair filaments. Nourish and renew your hair with Novex Brazilian Keratin.
My Thoughts
My hair situation was really bad that a lot of hair kept breaking when I ran my fingers through it. I heard a lot of snapping when I put my hair on a bun, and a good amount of hair comes off after I shower. I even had some gray hair hallucinations but it's all a false alarm. Horrible! Terrifying! Traumatic! 
I have been using this once a week and in the picture, I have only used the Novex Brazilian Keratin Deep Hair Care Treatment Cream the second time, and my hair looked healthier and smoother! There still some hair fall out, not as much as before but okay, which I expect since I do have long hair. The instant results really blew me away since I didn't expect my hair to get back to its shiny status after only 2 uses!
I actually just leave this on for 5 minutes. I still have to try to let this sit for 25 minutes, if this is what it does in 5 minutes, I can just imagine if I wait 20 more minutes patiently. Va-va-voom gorgeousness probably! I also went back to applying argan oil to the ends of my hair and it sure is helping in keeping it healthy and hydrated after being out in the cold.
Because my hair is all black, it was hard to capture it with indoor lighting so I have increased the brightness and sharpened the picture, so you can see the results better. 

I don't think I will ever skip doing a deep hair care treatment ever! It is depressing to think as we age our entire body do age as well (*unfortunately!). So for you young ones in their twenties that don't think this will ever happen to you, not to scare you or anything but taking care of yourself at an early age do affect how you mature; how you age.

So what is your favorite deep hair care conditioner?

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