September 15, 2014

BYOB at Birchbox SoHo

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Ever since Birchbox Shop in SoHo, NY opened up over the Summer, I have been wanting to go but just couldn't find a time and I know I will need more than an hour to take all the gorgeousness of this store. I have been stalking Instagram to see how the inside looks and what kind of products and services they offer there and I wish I took more pictures of the store when I was there because it is as beautiful as all those pictures that is posted! You can find all pictures under the hashtag #BirchboxSoho.
But for this post I just want to focus on their BYOB- Build Your Own Birchbox section since I get to pick my 5 deluxe samples for $15 (+tax)!!! 

In 2010, Birchbox started as a beauty subscription box company with a Birchbox online store to buy the full size products that you have sampled from their $10 month subscription box that's filled with 5-6 deluxe size sample items. Now 4 years later, they have opened their own Birchbox Store in New York City, where you can find all the same products that they have in their online store. What's great about the store is Birchbox subscribers can use their Birchbox points in the store as well! Besides that they also offer BYOB, hair, makeup and nail services in the store! 

BYOB - Build Your Own Birchbox section of the store gives you the option to pick your 5 different deluxe size samples from 5 different categories: hair, skin, makeup, fragrance and nail+body care. Every month the choices for each category change and you can buy as many or just one Birchbox a month as this does not lock you in to a monthly subscription, hence the $15 price tag.
They also have three different Birchbox Man box, for $20 each to buy but the products in each box is already chosen for you.

So it took me quite a while to pick my 5 deluxe samples as they're all products, but I finally got to narrow it down to these five items which I was really excited to try! Now let's check out each one shall we?!?

full size: $21.95
"Best-selling elixir that imparts silkiness and shine."
I like this product! I have never really heard of this brand before but all the girls in the store raves about this brand and this product so I just had to try it out. And for my long haired girls you know how annoying when our hair gets all tangled. This smells great and sprays a fine mist. It doesn't weigh my hair down unlike another detangler product I've used before.

full size: $24.50
"UK favorite that cleanses and exfoliates all skin types."
I love this kit and will be buying the full size after I finish this! I have not used my Clarisonic since I have been using this set day and night. I apply it on dry skin and massage it in small circles for a minute or two and put the hot cloth on top of my face for a second and remove the cleanser by sections, wiping in small circles again. My skin feels so soft and smooth, my serum and moisturizers quickly sinks into my skin! The cloth is pretty gentle on my skin to use twice a day. I have been breaking out from a cleanser I was trying out the month before and this quickly cleared my skin!

full size: $98
"Fresh blend of mandarin, rose and sandalwood. A best seller!"
I honestly did not want to pick a fragrance for my box and tried to talking the girl in to just giving me two products from the other categories but I had no way out of this and had to pick one. This one though is something I would wear everyday, it's very light and fresh. 

body + nails
full size: Set of 10, $12
"Acetone-free, scented wipes with Vitamin E to fortify nails."
full size: $10
"Streak-free nude polish with a glossy, long-lasting finish."
Cute packaging right?!? I have been looking for the perfect nude polish and this is IT! It goes on really easy and smooth. No streaks at all. With two coats, you get that nice opaque nude shade. I haven't used the towelette to save it for my travel bag. 

full size: $20
"Unbeatable moisture and shine from the NY designer."
"TIP: Layer on additional coats for vibrant color and major staying power."
I keep this in my makeup bag and have only used a few times. It is moisturizing and has a creamy texture to it. I usually would use this on top of a lipstick to give it a more pink color to it. 

Overall, I would go back and do the BYOB again. I would rather pay the $15 per box whenever I stop by the store than sign up for the monthly right now. The only bad thing being not a Birchbox subscription member is that I have no points accumulating to use if I plan to buy any of the full-size products in the store. I don't think they offer any sales or discounts at all but hopefully they do this in the future. 
I am happy of all the products I did choose and that is another thing I do like about their BYOB, all the products I come home with are products I do want to try. Good thing I am not always in the area but if I am I would definitely check what products they have for the month and see if there are any I would love to try. 

*To check out each products from this post,just click on the product names to directly send you to the Birchbox store!

So have you gone to the store yet? What do you think of their BYOB?
If you are in the NYC area, try to check the store out and let me know what you think!

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