January 24, 2014

tag: 10 Beauty Mistakes I Used To Make

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10 Beauty Mistakes I Used to Make

Back in June I wrote a post on beauty things i suck at and to refresh all our memories of that, click here!
to quickly sum it up, I wrote 5 things:
- Concealing
- Tweezing my brows
- Regular hair trims with a permanent hair dresser
- perfect at-home blowout
- sunscreen on my feet 

I told myself I will change this and make this my checklist and improve myself! We shall see if I did!

1- Concealing
Who is not looking for the perfect concealer to give you that perfect, flawless face? I have not skipped this part on my makeup routine since I have learned how to conceal. I am actually on a roll here to try out every best concealer that the magazines, beauty blog reviews and YouTube beauty gurus that recommends. Even trying out different techniques (fingers, sponge or brush) to conceal my flaws.

2- Tweezing my brows
I think I am doing good in this area as I make sure the day before I go out to the city, meet friends or go shopping with my sistah, I make sure my brows are tweezed, shaped and tamed! I still do want to try getting them threaded though.

3- Regular hair trims (+ permanent hair dresser)
I usually get my hair trimmed when I can't take the breakage and the split ends on my hair, but lately because of the Vitamins that I have been taking (you can read that about HERE) my hair has less breakage and almost to no split ends! I am hoping to grow my hair pretty long and for now a trim here and there by moi will do.

*perfecting at-home blowout 
I will not include this onto this list since I still have not perfected this!

4- Sunscreen on my Feet
I seriously do not skip this part of my sunscreen application since flipflop tan lines just looks so funny when I go wear my other sandals so if you have to sing - Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes so not to forget anything, sing it! 

5- Setting Powder
So after applying my concealer and foundation, I felt like putting powder on top of this will give me a cakey makeup and that is not a good look! But since my BareMinerals Starter Kit came with a small Mineral Veil powder, I went ahead and started doing that, and I was wrong! I have not skipped this step ever after that. Now I am looking into other setting powders for under the eyes, brightening powders, mattifying ones and so forth.

6- Using Face + Eye Primers
I enjoy getting ready and seeing how makeup helps me to look decent enough that I don't look like I just got out of bed. I am sure Gisele do not get out of bed all looking flawless either! Don't they have those "Glam Teams" that helps them picture-ready?!
What does this have to do with primers? Well I refused to use them before because it is just another step for me in my makeup routine when I am trying to get out of the door but knowing this will keep my makeup looking good all day, I have not stopped trying out which face primer works for me. And the best eye primer? Hands down Urban Decay's original eye primer.

7- wearing Nude shade lip products
I have dark pigmented lips that doing a nude lips gives me that sick-looking type face. Then I found out, I just needed to find the perfect nude for me! My nude lip liners and lipsticks have grown now that I have been trying out different ways to wear nude shade lips and giving myself a break from all the dark reds and purple lip shades that I have been wearing since late Summer. 2014 may be the year of the nudes for me- nah! I am loving purple lips too much right now!

8- putting my hair on a ponytail almost 24/7
I know this can be damaging to the hair and my head - you know when you put your hair up in a ponytail really tight and then later on you get a headache - it's from that tight ponytail! That has happened to me a few times so now my go-to hairstyle is either a lose braid or use my butterfly clips just to keep the hair out of my face.

9- wearing flats all the time
My go-to shoe wear before was always ballet flats. I should know better after working at a Podiatrist's office before that flats aren't really good for the feet, but they were just too cute and I hate heels - well I can't walk in heels in the city, there's too many uneven sidewalks and cobblestones - tripping is not pretty! 
Flats does not give any support at all to the arch of your feet. We have a natural arch on our feet, they really are not flat, that's why some shoe wear have that cushioning by the arch area. I don't want to get all scientific here but eventually the ligaments on your feet will start hurting because you're stretching the arch to the max. I hope that makes sense! 
But now I have added wedges to my collection and only on special nights I will take out the high heels, and on days I know I am only walking for a bit I would wear my cute flats.

10- not using a base coat
"I am already using a 3Free or 5Free polish so why the need for a base coat?" - is what I was thinking in my head every time I keep putting the nail polish on my nails without using a base coat and just a top coat. I did not know then that this will help keep my polish from chipping a lot and last longer than 3 days, and from staining my nails! So never again have I skipped this step even if the polish is vegan or made of all-natural fruit oils or something - base coat always!!!

OMG was that a lot or what?!? I am still learning everyday and finding new different tips, tricks and ideas to improve my beauty routine. This list can definitely go on and on, but these are the beauty mistakes that I tried to change the past year. We will see what 2014 will bring.

Thanks again to Kallie for tagging me and for those who have not done this tag, please do share with us your top 10 beauty mistakes you used to make! Comment down below your link!

Hope you all have a great weekend, and stay warm everyone!!!

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